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With winter approaching and energy costs rising, here is what you can do to help ease the pain



Fall River, MA – As the winter season approaches, Liberty wants to inform customers about expected increases in energy costs around the globe, including natural gas. Liberty is announcing a host of resources, energy efficiency programs, and financial assistance programs that can help customers manage increased costs and overall energy usage in the winter.

“With inflation impacting the cost of consumer goods across the board, we know that rising energy costs can be burdensome for our customers,” said Tatiana Roc, President of Liberty Massachusetts. “We want our customers to know that we are here to help, and we offer many helpful resources, payment options, and money-saving programs to provide peace of mind during the winter season.”

One way Liberty aims to help customers is by participating in a community Energy Fair Thursday, December 1. Liberty representatives will join other utility providers and community organizations serving Fall River and surrounding areas at City Hall, 1 Government Center, in Fall River from 4 – 7pm for the event. The Liberty team will help customers understand and enroll in an option that works best for them – levelized budget billing, financial assistance, a special payment plan, or another suitable program.

Liberty also has financial and energy savings programs.

Financial Assistance – If customers are struggling to pay their bill, there are financial programs available. Liberty’s dedicated assistance webpage includes more information about these programs.

Budget Billing – By enrolling in budget billing now, customers can choose a payment plan calculated by the average monthly bill based on a rolling 12-month history, making it easier for customers to have consistent, predictable payments and avoid unexpected costs. Learn more about Liberty’s budget billing program here.

Community Action Programs – Customers can contact their local Community Action Program to see if they qualify for financial assistance. Customers can also find their local agency here.

Energy Saving Tips – The less energy you use, the more you can save. Liberty’s website has useful tips on how to conserve energy. Learn more here.

Energy Efficiency Programs – Liberty is a sponsor of Mass Save®, a statewide collaborative program that provides free home energy audits, rebates and incentives for using high efficiency equipment, and other energy efficiency programs. Visit the Mass Save website to learn about programs that can help Liberty customers save energy.

Liberty Utilities expanded on the state of gas prices.

“The cost of gas is based on the market price. The energy market, like many other markets, is affected by a variety of factors, such as storms, supply chain issues, and general uncertainty. Currently, the war in Ukraine has created a greater demand for domestically produced natural gas while storage difficulties have lowered supply. All of these factors are driving up energy prices across the country.”

Liberty also stated that the ‘Cost of Gas’ charge on the Liberty bill is where customers will see the increase and that the increase is due to their cost to obtain the gas and not a price increase imposed by the company.



  1. David

    November 5, 2022 at 9:48 pm

    The first thing you should do to ‘ease the pain’ is not vote for depraved, leftist, green new scam high priestess Maura Healy for governor.

    This mental case spent most of her attorney general term not reducing crime but blocking natural gas pipelines coming to massachusetts from Canada as well as suing Exxon (yes, using Massachusetts taxpayer money to sue Exxon – cuz that makes sense) for refining oil into gasoline.
    Like all leftists Healy worships false gods and is mentally ill and will lock down your kids and push the latest MRNA poison on you and your family

    • MortisMaximus

      November 6, 2022 at 10:30 am


    • Antifa

      November 6, 2022 at 5:30 pm

      Funny how gas is a dollar more per gallon then when oil was the same price per barrel a couple of years ago but Exxon just posted record-breaking profits again. So what is the right going to do about it? More tax cuts for the oil companies? Maybe it’s time to vote for a windfall profits tax like what was proposed but Republicans voted against? Again what is the right going to do about anything except complain about it and give tax cuts again to the biggest corporations and the rich? Come on I’m waiting I’m waiting for something sane. I doubt I’ll ever see it since everything’s based on fear. Oh and guess what crime hasn’t gone up in the Northeast but crime and violent crime is gone up big time in the south and the West. Sounds like Republican states you know the poor ass states are the ones with the crime problem. Same states they let anybody including terrorists and murderers have guns but hey everybody can have a gun. You can have a gun everybody can have a gun oh and they want to ban abortion nationwide which is going to prevent life-saving procedures for women because the doctor and the woman isn’t going to be able to choose anymore and Dr Oz is going to get his head in between. Democracy is on the line and unfortunately the uninformed which is most of this country might vote for the party that’s okay with insurrections and denying elections that have been audited over and over and over again and threatening election workers and everything else fascist do when they’re losing.

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