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Westport “Fork” landmark found damaged in another town



A famous Westport landmark was found this morning, but not in the same condition it was last seen.

According to Little Compton Police Chief Scott Raynes, the “Fork” was located at approximately 1:00 a.m. Thursday morning on the traffic island at the intersection of West Main Road and Meeting House Lane.

Raynes stated that the department checked the surrounding area for any residential or business cameras with negative results.

Westport PD responded to the Little Compton Police Department early this morning and the “Fork” was turned over to them.

According to Westport Police Sgt. Bryan McCarthy the “Fork” was found damaged. The fork is reportedly getting returned to owner and resident Tom Schmitt who built the 11-foot-high fork back in 2010 and placed it at the intersection.

The landmark had been removed from its cement foundation earlier in the week.

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