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Video: Massachusetts Police help man pop the question to girlfriend in most amazing way



Photo courtesy of Whitman Police

A Massachusetts man enlisted the help of some local police officers and bystanders to create a marriage proposal that none of those involved will soon forget.

On Saturday September 3, a Whitman police officer received a call from a friend, “Swifty”, who works at another Police Department on the South Shore. Swifty told the officer that he had a friend named Wayne Morse who would like the Whitman Police to help him propose to his girlfriend. The officer asked Swifty to have Wayne give him a call.

According to the Whitman Police Department, Wayne called and told the officer that he wanted the Whitman Police to arrest him so he could propose to his girlfriend Kristen. The officer asked Mores, who is from Raynham, to repeat what he had just said to make sure he heard correctly. “I want you to arrest me” he said. Wayne then began to tell him his plan to propose to his girlfriend “Kristen”.

Wayne had plans to go out to eat at The Patio at McGuiggan’s in Whitman with his girlfriend and her parents on Friday September 9th. He told the officer that he wanted WPD to come to the restaurant, lock him up in front of his girlfriend and her parents, and then when she comes over to the police cruiser to find out what is going on, he would exit, drop to a knee, and propose.

The plan was run by Whitman Police Timothy Chief Hanlon and he agreed to let officers help Wayne.

When it came time to plan the proposal, PD was concerned that something could go wrong.

“What if we’re busy answering calls when the time comes? What if Kristen wants nothing to do with her boyfriend who just got arrested? Some of our officers asked, what if Kristen freaks out and becomes disorderly?”

Wayne later told PD that the owner of The Patio, Richard Rosen, was in on the gag and so were his future in-laws.

On the day of the proposal, Friday September 9, the 4-12 shift of Sgt. Andy Stafford, Officer Jeff Cormier, and Officer Rob Silva were ready.

Wayne forwarded a picture of himself and what he is wearing so PD didn’t have any mistaken identity issues.

WPD stated that a little after 6:00 p.m. the Patio started to fill up. Wayne, Kristen, and the future in-laws were sitting at a table by a window. Three Whitman Police cruisers pull up out front which causes a bit of a stir in the restaurant. Sgt. Stafford, Officer Cormier, and Officer Silva all enter the restaurant, locate Wayne, and attempt to arrest him. Officers Cormier and Silva tell Wayne that he is being placed under arrest. Officer Silva tells Wayne to “stand up, you’re under arrest”, but Wayne at first didn’t stand up which caused concern that the plan would derail. Officer Silva repeated his command a couple of times and Wayne finally stood up after his future father-in-law tells him to. Police cuff him, walk him out, and place him in the back of a cruiser. Officer Silva quickly and discretely takes the cuffs off Wayne before locking him in the backseat. Kristen is now wondering what is going on and asks to speak to Wayne. Sgt. Stafford and Officer Cormier escort her to the cruiser. Officer Silva let’s Wayne out of the cruiser, where Wayne proceeds to drop to a knee, produce a large shinny ring, and proposes to Kristen. Some colorful language is heard, and Kristen says “Yes!”.

On social media, Kristen stated that it wasn’t a hard decision. “Easiest YES I have ever said. I can’t wait to be your wife.”

Whitman PD said that they were very grateful to participate in Wayne and Kristen’s unique proposal and were fortunate to have no calls at the time which enabled them to do it.

Photo courtesy of Whitman Police

The Department also wanted it to be known that this was a one-time deal.

“Please do not flood our answering machines with all sorts of crazy requests. Wayne fooled us once. It won’t happen again! 😉
To Wayne & Kristen, The Whitman Police Department wishes you much love, health, and happiness in your future. Congratulations!”

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