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Two off-duty Plymouth police officers, Bourne firefighter, save man’s life



Photo courtesy of Plymouth Police

Off-duty Massachusetts police officers and an off-duty fireman sprang into action Monday to save the life of a man.

According to police, last night, Sergeant Donald Reddington, Detective David Ross, and Bourne Firefighter Nick Robbins, all off-duty, were training at the Daniel-Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Academy on Long Pond Road in Plymouth.

During an instructional period, one of their classmates, George, went down.

The three thought George was having a seizure, but quickly realized it was much worse when his breathing stopped, and there was no pulse.

Sergeant Reddington and Firefighter Robbins quickly began team CPR while Detective Ross ran barefoot to a nearby gym where he took their Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D.) right off the wall and ran it back where he helped connect the lifesaving device to George. The machine indicated that a shock was advised, shocking George.

This cycle of shocks and team CPR continued until the arrival of Plymouth EMS. George regained his pulse and breath. He was later able to speak to his friends/classmates who visited him at the hospital.

The four men share a bond due to their self-defense training at Daniel-Gracie Academy.

This morning, PD spoke to George who stated “Having Donnie Reddington give me lifesaving breaths is now certainly off my bucket list…. Seriously, these guys saved my life…. I don’t know how I can ever repay them.”

Sergeant Reddington and Detective Ross will be awarded the Department’s Life Saving Award.

Bourne Fire Chief David Cody, who is aware of FF Robbins save, will be commending him for his actions.

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