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Two Massachusetts teens charged with stealing and altering $250,000 in South Coast checks that were mailed



Two Massachusetts teens have been arrested in a scheme involving a quarter of a million dollars.

During this week, the Mattapoisett Police received multiple reports of stolen and altered checks from Mattapoisett residents that mailed the checks at the Mattapoisett Post office outside mailboxes. Amounts of the reported stolen checks to date totaled over $250,000.

Mattapoisett Police immediately investigated the reports and determined that mail was being stolen from the outside depositories at the United Stated Post Office located in Mattapoisett. The stolen checks were then altered for large amounts and often deposited or cashed out of state. The USPS postal inspector was notified. This crime is known as mailbox fishing.

The Mattapoisett police conducted surveillance and at 4.45 a.m. this morning, the officer observed 2 parties fishing mail from the outside depositories. Mattapoisett Police approached the parties who fled to a vehicle parked on Hammond Street.

The vehicle, a white Acura, fled the area at a high rate of speed striking a Mattapoisett Police cruiser. The vehicle proceeded north on North Street; the vehicle attempted to travel on I-195 east where the vehicle continued across the median into the wooded area. Both operator and passenger fled the vehicle into the wooded area. Officers set up a perimeter around the area. A search with Plymouth County Sheriff’s K9 located 18-yar-old Jorman Aybar of Dorchester. A short time later, 18-year-old Joseph Herrera Rodriguez also of Dorchester, was located in the same area.

Fairhaven Police, Rochester Police, Marion Police, Plymouth County Sheriffs BCI and K9 and the Massachusetts State Police patrol and airwing assisted.

If anyone has mailed any checks into the outside depositories at the Mattapoisett Post Office, they are asked to check and monitor accounts. Mattapoisett Police has recovered mail and will be in contact with any victims. Please report any fraudulent activity to the Mattapoisett Police Department. This case is ongoing by the Mattapoisett Police.

Herrera Rodriguez was charged with Breaking into a Depository with intent to commit a felony, Assault and Battery, Dangerous Weapon, Larceny over $1200, Fail to stop for Police Officer, Operating a Motor Vehicle to endanger, Marked Lanes, and Speeding.

Jorman Aybar was charged with Breaking into a Depository with intent to commit a felony and Larceny over $1200.



  1. david

    August 20, 2022 at 12:22 am

    What’s the big deal; why can’t Marion enjoy a little diversity in their community?
    Victimless crime … Marion townsfolk and Never-Sherriff-Hodgson-ners should do the right thing and provide these youngsters free tuition and board at Tabor Academy

    • Bob Jacob

      August 20, 2022 at 12:28 pm

      Hey Dave maybe you should read the story a second time. The crime happened in Mattapoisette not Marion. Marion police assisted.

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