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Two from New York arrested by East Providence Police after suspect allegedly grabs gun



Two from New York were arrested after one of the suspects allegedly grabbed a gun while in the presence of police.

According to police, on July 23, East Providence Police Officer Nathan Dacosta stopped a vehicle on South Broadway for suspicion of driving under the influence after the operator made several traffic violations. Officer Dacosta made contact with the operator who was identified as 32-year-old Pablo David Bonilla Sosa of New York. The vehicle had fresh damage and what appeared to be a bullet hole in the front windshield. Sosa showed significant signs of impairment during the encounter. While Officer Dacosta was speaking with Sosa, he observed a semi-automatic pistol by Sosa’s feet.

Sosa was ordered out of the vehicle. While ordering Sosa out of the vehicle, the front seat passenger, identified as 32-year-old Karen Patricia Gomez Bonilla of New York, grabbed the firearm from the driver side floor. Officer Dacosta gave commands to Bonilla which were ignored. Bonilla continued to manipulate the weapon before finally placing the pistol under the passenger seat.

Once backup officers arrived on scene, both Sosa and Bonilla were placed into custody. Officer Dacosta retrieved the Smith and Wesson pistol from under the passenger seat. The pistol was loaded and appeared to have an obliterated serial number.

Sosa was charged with License Required for Carrying a Pistol, Carrying a Weapon While Intoxicated, Alteration of Marks of Identification on Firearms, and DUI Drugs/Alcohol.

Bonilla was charged with License Required for Carrying a Pistol, Carrying a Weapon While Intoxicated, and Alteration of Marks of Identification on Firearms.

Sosa and Bonilla were later arraigned and transported to the Adult Correctional Institute.



  1. Ken Moron

    July 28, 2023 at 1:58 pm

    Ken Moron has reassured us that very intelligent people pass laws to protect us and keep us safe. How can this happen? In all seriousness she’s extremely lucky they didn’t light her up once she grabbed the pistol.

  2. Dr. David

    July 29, 2023 at 9:36 am

    a lovely couple from New York with a ghost gun visiting beautiful East Providence ….. just tourists ? …. or delivering the ya-yo

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