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Those looking for a return of Ames department store may be seriously disappointed



Photo courtesy of Zayre88

New York – Those looking for a return of a former beloved department store chain, may be seriously disappointed.

Late last year, according to a LinkedIn profile, Ames, basing out of New York, was set to return in the spring of 2023. The page stated that the re-opening will be spear headed by Molyneux Group, the owners of Bradlees Department Stores PLC.

A webpage that appeared to be tied to the Ames Department stores chain also referenced a spring 2023 return and that more will be announced in the coming months, relating to locations and opening dates.

When the announcement was made, those full of hope and nostalgia were looking forward to an Ames return, however, many became skeptical as time went on.

WJAR 10 began investigating the claims and stated that they were unable to get in contact with anyone from Molyneux Group and doubts that they were actually restarting Ames began to surface.

It is now spring 2023 with no signs that Ames is making a return.

What is even more concerning is that just days ago the website was no longer in operation. The department store’s LinkedIn page still exists stating a return in spring 2023. The Molyneaux Group website link on their LinkedIn page is also no longer active.

Biloxi, Mississippi-based Molyneaux Group, a commercial real estate firm, has issued a press release stating that they have no affiliation with Ames Department Stores.

For those still holding out hope that Ames will return, it can’t hurt, and who knows maybe the retailer will be resurrected once again, but for now, the prospects are not looking good.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Bob Davis

    July 3, 2023 at 5:00 pm

    It’s a total fabrication. Would LOVE to see Ames come back though.

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