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The recall effort gives the Fall River City Council an out



For the last two Fall River City Council meetings, both special and scheduled, the City Council has delayed a vote on either voting to remove Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia or simply voting no confidence. This means while the City Council has presented motions, they’ve taken no action since Mayor Correia was indicted on Oct. 11.

The two Camara’s on the council, Joseph and Steven, were the main councilors pushing for the delay by objecting in the first meeting on Oct. 16. Councilor Derek Viveiros had a planned absence at the Oct. 23 meeting and caused the motion to be tabled yet again.

Councilor Steve Camara stated that more time was needed and voiced that the cost would be too high, $330,000 to $420,000 according to Corporation Counsel Joseph Macy.

Councilor Joe Camara stated that more time was needed and that the voters should replace the mayor, not the City Council.

This brings us to the next City Council meeting on Nov. 6. The motions to either remove mayor Jasiel Correia and replace him with the City Council Presdient, vote no confience in him or request that he resign are listed as a priority item on the agenda.


The motion to force the mayor to step down will likely get voted down now that a recall effort has started – basically giving the City Council an out from forcing a costly legal battle. On Oct 29, a signed affidavit calling for the recall of Mayor Jasiel Correia II was officially approved by the board of elections. This will likely solidify Steve and Joe Camara’s no vote against the motion and push at least one other councilor to vote no. There are nine City Councilors and per the City’s Charter, seven votes are needed to remove the mayor.

The other two motions, to vote no confidence or simply request the mayor to step down, will likely get voted on and at least one is likely to pass. While these motions are just symbolic motions with no teeth, at least the City Council will officailly be on record regarding the mayor.

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