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The full updated Fall River Police Most Wanted List announced



With several names being removed and added recently by Fall River Police, here is an update on their list of most wanted fugitives in the city.

Christian A. Ojeda
Age: 22
L.K.A:90 Choate St. #4 Fall River, Ma.
Charges: Firearm, Discharge within 500 of a building, Firearm Carry w/o License, Assault and Battery by Firearm, Carrying a Dangerous weapon

Ismael Garcia-Vega
Age: 35
L.K.A:51 Benjamin St. #3 Fall River, Ma.
Charges: Sex Offender Failure to Register, Assault &Battery Family Member , Firearms Violation, Possession of Ammunition, Strangulation or Suffocation, Vandalism

Melvin D. Ward
Age: 43
L.K.A:291 Fifth Street #3 Fall River, Ma
Charges: : Strangulation or Suffocation A&B Dangerous Weapon A&B Family Member

Alberto Flores Viruet
Age: 35
L.K.A: 34 Hood Street Fall River, Ma.
Charges: Carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of a class B substance

James Manna
Age: 59
LKA: 1863 Pleasant Street Unit 514 Fall River, MA.
Charges: A&B W/ Dangerous weapon, A&B to Collect a Loan, Conspiracy to Violate Drug laws.

Wayne Senechal
Age: 57
LKA: 478 Eastern Ave. Fall River, MA.
Charges: Assault, Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon 2 counts, A&B Dangerous Weapon, Motor Vehicle Charges

Nicole D. Menard
Age: 35
L.K.A: 635 Rock Street Fall River MA
Charges: A&B Family Member 2 counts A&B Dangerous Weapon Assault Possession of class C drug Possession of class E drug

Amanda Pestana
Age: 29
L.K.A:221 Fourth Street Fall River MA
Charges: 2 counts of Possession of Class B Drugs

Hector Maldonado Muniz
Age: 30
L.K.A:131 Thomas Street #3E Fall River MA
Charges: Possess Large Capacity Firearm -5 counts,Trafficking in over 200grams of Heroin, Use of a firearm in a felony Possession of ammunition w/o an FID, A&B Household Member, A&B on a Pregnant Victim

Luisceito Cruz-Dubois
Age: 22
L.K.A: 603 Slade St. #3 Fall River MA
Charges: Firearm-Armed and Masked Robbery, Carrying a Firearm without an LTC in Public, Assault and Battery with a Hypodermic Needle, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (Pistol Whip), Possession of a Class A Drug (Heroin), and Firearm Violation with 1 Prior Violent or Drug Offense

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