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Thanks to donations, restoration work continues inside and out of Fall River’s St. Anne Shrine



St. Anne Shrine Preservation Society

Due to donations, renovations are taking place both inside and outside of St. Anne Shrine of Fall River.

St. Anne Shrine Preservation Society began repairs on the south side of the roof of the Shrine late last year.

The historic church has been the victim of leaking and water damage for decades, contributing to roof issues outside and plaster falling inside the upper church.

While that work continues, Bryan Boyle from the Shrine states that interior work is also taking place.

“In the past few months, with the generous contribution of Providence College towards the renovation of the Dominican Crypt, water ingress remediation, wall reconstruction, refinishing of the crypt itself, and a new floor system to compliment the renovated crypt is being planned.”

Boyle detailed the work being done at the crypt.

“The formerly deteriorated walls have been replaced; along the outside wall, a water trench and extraction pump were installed to keep the crypt dry. The faces of the graves in the crypt have been refinished and new brass plaques identifying the priests have been placed. The gates to the crypt are in the process of being refinished and will be reinstalled as part of the renovation. A refinished altar will be reinstalled, and this chapel will be dedicated to the Dominican Order, who were so instrumental in the foundation and spiritual guidance of St. Anne’s for close to a century. A new floor, inlaid with a mosaic of the seal of the Dominican order, will highlight their contribution to the life of the city.”

Before on the left, current on the right courtesy of the Shrine

In addition to the crypt work, the destroyed walls which exposed the original brick foundations of the shrine, laid in the 1890s are also being repaired.

According to Boyle, in the near future, the updated Eucharistic Adoration Chapel will be revealed, funded by generous donations, in the former St. Jude Chapel to the right of the main sanctuary.

“It too was renovated to control water ingress and will be available for private prayer when the Shrine is open.”

The preservation society depends on the generosity and support of all who visit this beloved landmark church in Fall River. They are open Monday-Saturday 10:00AM to 4:00PM, Sunday 12:00PM to 4:00PM for your convenience. Confessions are heard every Thursday from 2:00PM-3:15PM in the lower shrine. For more information, please call the Shrine at 508-678-1510.

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