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Temperature checks not a reliable COVID-19 test, country did not see major virus uptick due to BLM protests



Surprising to some, but not to all, Black Lives Matter protests apparently did not cause widespread cases of COVID-19.

ABC medical expert Dr. Jennifer Ashton was asked on ABC’s “GMA 3 What You Need To Know” on Friday if the country saw a bump in COVID-19 cases due to the protests that took place after the death of George Floyd. Her answer was, “we really didn’t.”

Ashton stated the reasoning behind the protests not causing a noticeable increase in cases was two fold. One, that many wore masks even though some were not always covering their nose and two, the protests took place outside which was a major factor.

Another bit of information that has recently come out concerning the coronavirus is that temperature checks are not a reliable way to screen for those who are infected.

While many employers are using the technique to screen employees before entering work and some school districts are about to use temperature checks with the starting of the school year, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Thursday that there are better ways to screen.

According to ABC News, the White House and the National Institutes of Health have even stopped using temperature checks to screen.

“Especially on hot summer days, temperature checks aren’t a reliable way to screen for infection. We have found at the NIH, that it is much much better to just question people when they come in and save the time, because the temperatures are notoriously inaccurate, many times.”

Fauci stated that recently before getting into air conditioning, his temperature had read as high as 103 degrees.

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