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Taunton student commits inappropriate sexual conduct during remote class



A disturbing incident occurred Tuesday during a remote class at a Taunton school.

According to the Superintendent of Taunton Public Schools, John Cabral, at approximately 1:00 p.m., the Galligan Elementary School principal was made aware of inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature involving a student. According to reports, some of the incident involved profanity and the student exposing himself.

Cabral stated that the conduct was witnessed by students who were attending their class remotely.

“The teacher and Galligan School administration acted quickly, ending the remote meeting and relaying the circumstances immediately to the Superintendent of Schools, and to other appropriate authorities, as is our protocol.”

“Appropriate consequences” resulting from the behavior from the student were administered to the student involved, according to Cabral who did not elaborate.

Contact was made and additional support was offered to those students and the families affected by the incident.

“Whether in a hybrid or remote learning setting, the Taunton Public Schools will continue to monitor and stress to our students the behavior expected at all times. As a school system, we will take this opportunity to help support our students and families by reinforcing with your children responsible digital citizenship and digital behavioral expectations.”

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