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Swansea Selectmen issues update on construction at old Swansea Mall location



Photo courtesy of Christopher Carreiro

Swansea Selectmen Christopher Carreiro issued an update Sunday on the progress being made concerning the old Swansea Mall property.

“Checked out the construction progress at the Swansea Mall today while taking a drive around beautiful Swansea! As you can see, exactly as the owners described and planned, they’ve began moving from the former Apex location to the food court area, as they demolish and reconstruct this former inside mall into an outside mall. They’ve started cutting out entrances to the front of the building and constructing a brand new facade that will be the theme throughout the project!”

Carreiro stated that there are already tenants on deck to live in the housing complex being built at the location.

“I can’t wait until they make public and share the rest of their plans with the community.”

In November of 2019, a Swansea bylaw passed to place an overlay district over the commercial zoning of the property to allow Anagnost Companies the ability to build two 72 unit complexes to be part of a “Lifestyle Center”.

Richard Anagnost had previously outlined the plan for the famous property in 2019.

According to Anagnost, the Lifestyle Center would create a synergy of components that would feed off of each other.

Component 1: Storage
• A 100,000 square foot facility at the Old Apex location with 800 climate-controlled storage units.

Component 2: Retail
• 110,000 square feet of retail
• Some former tenants along with some new ones would fill the space.
• There would be Medical, 3 restaurants, 7 retail spots, a fitness center, banking, education, and entertainment. It would turn what used to be an inside mall into an outside mall with entry from all outside locations.

Component 3: Housing
• (2) 72 unit housing complexes
• (16) 1 bedroom, (96) 2 bedroom, and (32) 3 bedroom.
• All market-rate housing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kenneth Janzekovich

    June 14, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    How much tax revenue will be generated is expected from this additions?

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