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Suspect arrested after allegedly violently assaulting MSP Trooper into oncoming traffic on Route 24



A State Trooper was violently assaulted by a suspect he pulled over for speeding on Route 24 in Randolph early Saturday morning, but pursued the suspect to Stoughton, where the suspect abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot but was captured by Stoughton Police. During the assault of the Trooper in an effort to avoid arrest, the male suspect, Devin Fuller, 29, of Boston, punched the Trooper in the face and, as the two fought on the ground, pushed the Trooper’s head into the pavement and choked him. Once back on their feet, the suspect pushed the Trooper into the middle of the highway, where he was almost struck by a vehicle, and at one point tried unsuccessfully to grab the Trooper’s weapon from his holster.

According to Dave Procopio of the Massachusetts State Police, the incident began at 2:27 a.m. on Jan. 30 after the Trooper clocked Fuller driving a purple Dodge Charger 81 mph in a 55 mph zone for at least one mile on Route 93 southbound in Randolph. After following the vehicle onto Route 24 southbound and continuing to observe it travelling at high speeds, the Trooper activated his lights and stopped the Charger. A query determined that Fuller’s driver’s license had been suspended as a result of an immediate threat notification three days earlier. Fuller repeatedly refused to comply with the Trooper’s requests to step out of the car, and the Trooper observed him repeatedly looking down at the center console.

After his repeated requests to Fuller to get out of the car were ignored, the Trooper then attempted to take hold of the suspect’s arm and escort him from the vehicle. At that point, Fuller punched the Trooper in the face and reached toward the center console. Fearing Fuller could be retrieving a weapon, the Trooper pulled the suspect from the vehicle and the altercation continued outside of the car in the breakdown lane. Fuller repeatedly struck the Trooper, then tackled him to the ground and drove his face into the pavement. Throughout the assault, the Trooper attempted to control Fuller and stop his assaultive actions.

As the Trooper got back onto his feet, Fuller reportedly grabbed him with both arms and drove him 15-20 feet into and across two travel lanes and in front of an oncoming vehicle, the driver of which had to take evasive action and change lanes to avoid hitting the Trooper. At that point, the Trooper stated that he and the suspect again fell to the ground and continued fighting, and Fuller pulled at the Trooper’s duty belt and reached for the Trooper’s service weapon. The Trooper put both hands on his gun to prevent the suspect from gaining control of it.

The violent struggle ended when an off-duty Trooper travelling in his personal vehicle on Route 24 observed what was occurring and pulled over to help his fellow Trooper. At that point, Fuller got back into his vehicle, drove in reverse in the wrong direction about 100 yards at a high rate of speed, then put the car back into forward gear, pulled across two travel lanes with no regard for oncoming traffic, and fled down Route 24 southbound at an estimated speed of 140 mph, weaving across all lanes.

The Trooper, meanwhile, returned to his cruiser and pursued Fuller. The suspect exited Route 24 onto Route 139 in Stoughton. While exiting the ramp, the Trooper observed Fuller drive into an industrial park. Other Troopers responded to assist, including an MSP K9 unit and the off-duty Trooper who had pulled over to help at the site of the assault a few moments earlier. Stoughton Police Officers also responded to assist. The Charger was found abandoned in the rear of the industrial area. The MSP K9 unit and the Trooper who had been assaulted initiated a track of the suspect through a wooded area. While they were tracking Fuller’s route of flight through the woods, Stoughton Officers located and apprehended the suspect behind a Hampton Inn & Suites on Page Street.

During an inventory search of Fuller’s car, Troopers located a bottle of Hydrocodone pills, a Class C controlled substance; a small amount of marijuana; and three THC edible packets. Also located in the car were plastic bags consistent with packaging and distribution of illegal narcotics.

Troopers took custody of Fuller, who declined medical attention. Fuller was booked at the State Police-Foxborough Barracks on the charges of Assault with intent to murder; Assault and battery on a police officer; Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; Failure to stop for police; Negligent operation of a motor vehicle; Reckless operation of a motor vehicle; Resisting arrest; Possession of a Class D narcotic with intent to distribute; Possession of a Class C narcotic with intent to distribute; Operating after license suspension; Speeding; and Disturbing the peace.

Fuller was ordered held on $50,000 cash bail and was transported to Ash Street Jail in New Bedford to be held pending arraignment in Stoughton District Court on Monday.

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