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South Coast Animal Control and Shelter offers advice for animal owners after pets abandoned in Walmart parking lot



A local shelter and animal control has passed on some advice to animal owners after pets were left abandoned at a South Coast Walmart.

Fairhaven Animal Control and Shelter stated on Friday that the above souls were left in the Wal-Mart parking lot in a shoe box and advised folks that there are better ways to handle giving up your pets.

Photo courtesy of Fairhaven Animal Control and Shelter

“If you can’t care for your animals, please take some time to contact local shelters for help. We are already overwhelmed with small animals so we will have to make room. We literally have cages on top of each other. If you are interested in getting pets, please check your local shelters first and realize that you should keep them forever.”

Pets being abandoned by their owners has been brought to the forefront in southern New England in recent years causing cash strapped shelters to find even more room for animals with no homes.

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