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Roadwork and water shutoff to take place in North Main Street area of Fall River



Roadwork and a section of water main on North Main Street in Fall River will be shut down beginning this week.

According to the Water Department, the road work will occur starting on December 8th and last until December 16th. The roadwork is in isolated areas in this corridor for replacement of valves on the water main.

The affected area of the water main shut down is expected to be from President Ave to Alton Street. Isolated areas on the streets from North Main Street to Highland Ave adjacent to this area may also be affected.

Other locations in the area may be affected depending on location of isolation valves.

The water shutdown is scheduled for December 13th starting at 9:00 p.m. and will be in place until the work is completed. The work is not expected to be more than 8 hours.

Door hanger notification tags are being placed on the doors of the customers that we expect will be affected.

The Water Department advises that you draw water for use prior to the shutdown.

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