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Rhode Island police departments to conduct RIPTIDE patrols in honor of Tori Lynn Andreozzi



Photo courtesy of West Warwick Police Department

TIVERTON/WEST WARWICK — Chief Patrick Jones reports that the Tiverton Police Department will be conducting RIPTIDE patrols this holiday weekend in honor of Tori Lynn Andreozzi.

During this coming weekend, which coincides with the New Year’s holiday, members of the Tiverton Police Department will be on the lookout for impaired and reckless drivers as part of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s Operation Blue RIPTIDE (Rhode Island Police Teaming for Impaired Driving Enforcement) campaign.

In partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the Tiverton RIPTIDE patrols conducted this weekend will be done in honor of Tori Lynn Andreozzi.

In 2003, Andreozzi was 12 years old when she was struck by an impaired driver while walking home from her bus stop in West Warwick. She suffered a permanent brain injury and later became the center of “The Ripple Effect” campaign against drunk driving in RI. Andreozzi lived with her injuries for many years but passed away from the consequences of these injuries just last month on Nov. 1.

“All decisions have consequences, however, the decision to get behind the wheel while impaired can result in deadly consequences not just for oneself but for others as well,” Chief Jones said. “In honor of Tori, we ask that all community members who plan to drink or use marijuana or other drugs this weekend plan ahead and not get behind the wheel. To ensure everyone’s safety this weekend, we recommend having a designated driver, using a ride-sharing service or taking public transportation to safely get home.”

The West Warwick Police Department also announced that they will deploy extra patrols during the New Year’s holiday weekend. Two of these patrols will be “Honor Patrols” in memory and honor of Tori Lynn Andreozzi and Matthew Dennison.

“These two amazing young people lost their lives due to suspected impaired operators. Tori Lynn and Matthew are OUR sons and daughters and we will do whatever it takes to stop impaired operators. Please join us in celebrating the New Year, but NEVER drive impaired, and do whatever it takes to stop others from driving impaired.”

Tiverton Police remind community members to never get behind the wheel if they have been drinking and to never get into a vehicle if the driver is impaired.

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