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Rhode Island man arrested after machine gun parts, animal tranquilizer seized



The Rhode Island State Police announced that members of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration Providence District Office and the Cranston Police Department arrested 33-year-old Nolbertico Caba of Cranston for possession of machine gun parts known as “sear switches” and the possession of synthetic non-opioid narcotics.

This seizure and arrest were the result of an investigation where members of the Rhode Island State Police HIDTA Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration Providence District Office and the Cranston Police Department executed a court authorized search warrant at the suspect’s residence and seized approximately 532 grams of Xylazine, 103 grams of synthetic cathinone’s, 18 fully assembled sear switches, and an assortment of unassembled sear switch parts.

Sear switches are small devices that are typically made of plastic or metal on a 3D printer. These illegal devices are specifically made to modify a semi-automatic handgun to be a fully automatic machine gun. Sear switches allow a user to pull the trigger of a firearm once for continuous firing. Per Rhode Island General Law, the possession of a sear switch alone constitutes the illegal possession of a firearm.

Xylazine is a non-opioid synthetic narcotic that is commonly used as a tranquilizer for animals and has been linked to an increasing number of overdose deaths nationwide. Recently, law enforcement has identified Xylaine as a cutting agent for other illegal narcotics, most commonly in conjunction with fentanyl. Xylazine presents specific dangers during human consumption as it is a non-opioid and does not respond to typical overdose treatments such as Narcan or Naloxone.

Caba was arraigned at Kent County District Court and held without bail pending future court dates. Narcotic charges include possession with the intent to deliver 1 oz-1 kilogram of a Schedule V Controlled Substances (Xylazine, synthetic cathinone), Weapons charges included license or permit required to carry a pistol – modifications to semi-automatic weapons and possession of firearms while committing a controlled substance violation.

The Rhode Island State Police High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force is comprised of members from the Rhode Island State Police, Providence Police Department, North Providence Police Department, Lincoln Police Department, Middletown Police Department, Bristol Police Department, Narragansett Police, DEA Providence District Office, and Department and Rhode Island National Guard Counterdrug Program.

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