RETROMANIA comes back to Boston with vintage collectibles, vinyls, furniture and more



Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head back in time with Retromania, a weekend-long event at the Retrospective Expo in Boston. The event will feature 117 vendors inside a 50,000 square foot space that includes a large food court as well as a DJ that will be playing classics and “deep cuts” at 45 RPM.

The event is being hosted by The Brighton Bazaar and Roadrunner and will showcase vendors selling many unique vintage items including:

clothing, jewelry, glassware, homewares, collectibles, comics, books, electronics, posters, and more.

More vintage media will include:

vinyl records, tapes, archaic consoles and classic games

The event is taking place at The Roadrunner Boston, a new music venue located in the Boston Landing Neighborhood of Brighton, next to the New Balance Headquarter and Warrior Ice Arena this Saturday, February 24th and Sunday the 25th.

Shopping sessions are from 11 AM – 3 PM or 4 – 8 PM on both days and tickets are $10 each in advance and can be purchased at the link below or for $15 at the door:


To learn more, visit Retromania event tab on the Brighton Bazaar Facebook page.

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