Fall River ranked most dangerous city in Massachusetts according to report




  1. Hel

    May 29, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    I have reached out to the Mayor be cause of drug dealing going on in my neighborhood for years now. I just don’t understand how this has continued for many years. It’s all night and day. None of them work. They all collect some kind of check. Sublet rooms in the apartment they rent. Lots of noise especially on the weekends. They use the yard and the sidewalk as a dump for their trash. The yard is always full of trash, unregistered vehicles,discarded furniture. It’s ridiculous. They really need to look into all the drug dealing going on here. They even deal drugs to the high rise on Pleasant St. Wake up Mayor CORREIA. Lots of young people dying from these drugs distributed. You want people to help you locate the dealers well do something about it when it’s brought to your attention.

    • Tamara

      March 15, 2019 at 4:06 pm

      My son moved here for a frsh start and new job. Someone sold my child fentanyl laced heroin and he died on 12/17/18. He had only been there for a couple of weeks. The sound of this place haunts me

      • Josh

        June 24, 2019 at 1:34 pm

        Sorry for your loss ?

      • Amanda Pavao

        August 26, 2020 at 4:12 am

        My heart goes out to you… My brother as well

      • Boricuasavage508

        March 15, 2024 at 3:47 pm

        Is funny that they want to add more police but the one they have are worried about who’s parking in the projects with out a parking sticker but they do reside here ..crazy while they are needed for real emergency smh

      • Jeff

        May 28, 2024 at 1:55 pm

        So he came here with a drug problem?

        • Dianna

          June 26, 2024 at 11:32 pm

          Why would you comment that to a grieving mother? Whether he had a drug problem or not he didn’t deserve to die from fentanyl. You’re a p.o.s for saying that. Hope Karma bites you in the ass.

          • Carlos Faria

            June 30, 2024 at 5:30 pm

            It’s a legitimate question. Why would someone with a drug problem move to a drug infested sithole for a fresh start and new job? Makes no sense.

    • Gary

      June 12, 2024 at 11:23 am

      ”Welcome to OBidens, Gov. Healey, & Dems America!”
      ‘Plus Welcome to Massghanistan!’

      Massghanistan., Top list of States ‘Great Americans’ are leaving!
      Their goes another U-Haul! 🙂

      “Massghanistan, Boston’s Logan Airport is Starting to Look Like a ‘Refugee Camp’ and the ‘Illegals Just Keep Coming’ (VIDEO)”

      • M H

        June 17, 2024 at 11:08 am

        Massachusetts is 23rd on the list, bud. Which means there are 22 states with worse crime rates, most of which are red states like Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alaska.

        • Steve

          June 26, 2024 at 11:44 am

          Exactly! Massachusetts Is NOT The Worst State for Crime. There Are Worst! AGREED👍

        • Sarah R

          July 1, 2024 at 7:24 am

          I totally agree with you. Fall River has always been a dump since the 60s. Drugs are out of control in every city and town in every state in the country. Fentanyl is a big problem killing ppl. That shit is coming from China- FACT
          Just lost 2 family members to that shit! Get it off the streets. I know the police are doing the best they can but it has to STOP.

    • Bruce Millerick

      July 1, 2024 at 11:02 am

      Job security for the cop’s, they let this happen, to fill the prisons, and collect money fir the court’s, we don’t need more cops, we need cops that actually do there job, instead of using people

  2. Cristina

    August 13, 2019 at 1:42 am

    and should be ranked the dirtiest too…the amount of garbage on the streets is astonishing.

    • RedPilled

      May 15, 2024 at 1:09 pm

      And the folks in Fall River will continue to vote for the same corrupt politicians over and over. If you want a better life for you and your children Fall River is not the place.

  3. Suzanna

    August 31, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    The report we are looking at was published in 2016. I wonder what the numbers are now. I have seen so much more violence in Fall River and New Bedford recently. I think this is a national issue at this time. Violence is everywhere. This year in particular, we were hit with the pandemic – which in my opinion, was shoved under some carpet in Washington. No guidance. So politicized. Then the homicide of George Floyd and Blacks around the world had had enough of the inequalities. Black lives do matter! This uprising in the name of justice, has its place and I’m happy that it is happening. However certain politicians fave fostered the anger in the wrong ways. White Supremisists have taken hold in so many places. This does not support the Black Lives Matter in the quest for equality and justice. And the issues with blacks being killed in the streets continuous. The anger is everywhere. This has certainly been a bad year for our country. The anger has so easily turned into violence. It is horrible. vote BLUE

    • Frank

      May 28, 2021 at 2:25 pm

      Vote ” Blue”. Yea, that’s working real good.

      • Gavin Shaw Lepoer

        May 13, 2024 at 8:14 am

        Haha exactly

    • Marissa Rushing

      January 31, 2022 at 1:11 pm

      Ah, ya. Right. Seems like your attitude and viewpoint is a little skewed. What got a hold of Fall River is all pushed by the Democrat Party who are full of white supremacists!

      • Steve

        June 26, 2024 at 11:54 am

        NOPE! That’s BS ! And “FAKE NEWS”! STOP Trying to “Twist” Thing’s Around Like You’re Racist White Supremacist Donald DUMP💩😡 Is Doing. You REPUBLICANT’S Are The Cause For ALL The “MESS” This Country’s In! So Go F🖕ck Yourself!

    • Ron

      May 7, 2024 at 3:17 pm

      We have a former President who has no respect for the law, Police, Judges or the courts.

      • Michael Grayko

        May 22, 2024 at 11:48 pm

        Ok you don’t like Trump,he has no respect for police judges or the courts. If that was the case, then why if you look around the whole country is realizing and retracting there hatred for the man. Southern New England is without question blindly democratic and simple minded . What if you refrased your statement. The Government is choosing to weaponize the judicial system, thousands of man hrs paid out, to chase around an ex president with so many charges, over and over and have come up with nothing everytime. If he was a criminal they would’ve charged him with something and made it stick by now. It’s just diverting the attention of the simpletons while the whole country is being giving away by the current “president 😭”. The fucking border is open and being flooded with illegals that want and are getting a free ride, money to the Ukraine, money to this cause”bullshit” money to that cause”not America’s problem.” But nevermind that, or the drug epidemic also being fueled by the southern border crisis. The crime in America is insane right now and people are talking about Trump. Trump doesn’t need to run for president, he’s not a politician. He’s rich and could do anything he wants. But he wants to make America great again. So he’s thrown himself into a position where he’s under a microscope and ridiculed by millions of people who could never walk in this mans shoes. The battle this man is fighting just to fight for America is incredible and will be in the history books. And however long it may take, Trump will go down as the president who saved America from the Democrats who have lead us into dangerous territory with there lies and backdoor policies giving our country away, literally. All the while you know who’s not crumbling under pressure and walks and talks like a man I’d want running the country. Donald Trump. That’s who. You should really look into what it is your upset about, I think you might not have the whole story. If it were me and someone disagreed with my personal beliefs but had alot to say about why, id take a look at somethings, maybe step outside yourself and look at things a different way. If you still feel the same after you’ve read up on some things then hey, that’s fine too. We are all entitled to think and feel as we so choose. But if your opinions are based off of certain news channels , papers ,etc. You’ve been getting lied to and steered in the wrong direction for along time. Do some research, please I think your opinion may change. If not we can fight it out

        • Angel

          May 23, 2024 at 9:17 am

          Micheal Grayko, I agree with your view, no one is researching anything they seem to believe the fake news stations and are either to ignorant to actually think that their view is the only one that matters. I was just having this same type of discussion with an older family member who think Biden is the greatest and if Trump gets in then we are all “doomed”. I went on to give my opinion but was met with “you don’t know what you’re talking about “ anything you hear or see on your phone is all fake! I knew right then that most of the people who voted Biden in will never admit they were and are wrong! I believe Biden is the one who should be charged with numerous counts mainly for treason, fraud,and falsifying the election in his favor. He should have never been the president of our country.

          • Bethann Mcdonald

            June 10, 2024 at 10:19 pm

            Biden is a babbling idiot who should never have been president.. Creeping on lil kids smelling there hair. Just like the scary drunk uncle in the family

        • Misty Magnet

          May 28, 2024 at 2:14 pm

          I fully agree with everything that you have said about Donald Trump making this world a better place to live and how you addressed the borders being open and how they’re all getting a free ride while the rest of us suffer and have to pay for those who are getting a free ride why don’t these government people look into our homeless, veterans who are being kicked out of their places to make room for these people that are coming over from the border it’s just not right when will the government wake up and give us the president that we know will make this world a better place to live in DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!! WAKE UP ALL YOU BIDEN PEOPLE AND SEE WHO THE TRUE PRESIDENT IS AND SHOULD BE DONALD TRUMP. WHEN THIS MAN WAS OUR PRESIDENT EVERYTHING WAS BETTER GAS PRICES WERE DOWN FOOD PRICES WERE DOWN PEOPLE WERE NOT BEING KICKED OUT OF THEIR APARTMENTS OR HOMES TO HOUSE ALL THESE IMMIGRANTS THAT ARE COMING OVER HERE AND TAKING ALL THE MONEY THAT AMERICAN SHOULD BE GETTING WE NEED HELP NOT THE IMMIGRANTS LET THEM GO BACK TO WHEREVER THEY CAME FROM THEY’RE ALL ONLY COMING OVER HERE BECAUSE THEY KNOW AMERICA WILL SUPPORT THEM FOR FREE SHUT DOWN THOSE DAMN BORDERS..

          • Bethann Mcdonald

            June 10, 2024 at 10:22 pm

            So nice to see some people have some smarts and can see how amazing Trump was. What ever he said he was going to do HE DID IT!!!

          • Margarita

            June 16, 2024 at 12:09 pm

            People are deaf, dumb, and blind! If there voting for Biden again!

          • Steve

            June 26, 2024 at 12:05 pm

            Shut The F🖕ck Up You IDIOT! Only DumbAss Brainwashed Loser’s Like YOU Would try to vote Donald DUMP💩😡 back into the White House! Get Back On You’re MEDS!! You’re INSANE!

        • Shay

          June 13, 2024 at 1:00 pm

          Yup, You hit on a few things I believe is right. We need to take a step back, go over the facts, I feel you’ll come to the conclusion of who is ready and willing, to take on the issues at hand; I’ll give you a hint, it’s not any Democrat; they are the reason we’re in this mess in the first place. I personally don’t like either one them, but it’s not about who I like, it’s about who’s gonna get the job done. Nuff said!

        • Steve

          June 26, 2024 at 12:11 pm

          That’s TOTAL B.S. ! STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! YOU ARE FAKE NEWS !!So GO F🖕CK Yourself & You’re Boyfriend Donald DUMP💩😡Bitch!🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😂🤪

      • Steve

        June 26, 2024 at 12:00 pm

        Yup! And Now He’s A “Convicted FELON !” You’d Have To Be Exremely Brainwashed, Ignorant & STUPID ! To Vote That Piece of 😡💩 In the next Election!🤮

    • Carlos Faria

      June 30, 2024 at 5:40 pm

      White people are tired of black violence.
      In the 80’s New Bedford and Fall River had cocaine problems like every city in the U.S. but violence was low. The only difference: New Bedford and Fall River was 67% Portuguese and 72% white. Do the math.

    • Carlos Faria

      June 30, 2024 at 5:48 pm

      Oh here we go. Playing victim again. New Bedford and Fall River was 72% WHITE in the 80’s and crime and violence was low even with a cocaine problem. That percentage has dropped significantly and crime and violence is at an all time high. Your movement is the problem. White people are sick and tired of black crime and violence.

  4. william silvia

    March 7, 2024 at 8:45 am

    Sadly this is a post from 6 years ago, which begs the question is crime up or down since that time?

  5. Field of dreams

    April 23, 2024 at 3:57 pm

    If you build it they will come

  6. Renier Thompson

    May 11, 2024 at 5:04 pm

    Fall River is what every City is facing. This Country is becoming A THIRD WORLD S*** HOLE… THANKS JOE.

    • Ken Paiva

      May 11, 2024 at 7:32 pm

      This ranking is from 2018.

  7. Frank Tropea

    May 15, 2024 at 6:27 pm

    It seems ironic that the city of Lizzie Borden
    or infamy has such a big problem with crime, me rdet,mayhem and drug deaths.
    Well,Fall River when the industries moved out,
    Poverty and social problems arise and were aggravated.
    The same thing happened to Brockton,MA.
    It would used to be a nice city. But when the vital shoe business and factories left the city
    grew quite poor and crime-,ridden.
    It was terrible. We need a Marshall Plan for America, like we did for Europe circa post WWIl
    to save it from communism.
    well a lot of America needs the same thing now!

    • Peter

      June 17, 2024 at 3:27 am

      They got it wrong. Newbedford is the worst by far

      • Steve

        June 26, 2024 at 12:32 pm

        YES IT IS ! New Bedford Is A WAYYYY WORSE CITY Than Fall River. It’s Got More Drug Problem’s, Homeless Problem’s & Higher CRIME than Fall River by Far! New Bedford Has hardly NO Skyline! Has NO ReaL Bridge, Only a Short Causeway it Shouldn’t Even be considered a bridge! It’s Pathetic! It’s a Joke! And The City of New Bedford Has NO Hills!! It’s Mostly FLAT & Boring! The Port of New Bedford Regularly Has Been An Open-Wide Shipping Port for Importing illegal Drug’s Trafficking & Weapons, Not to Mention illegal Stowaway’s migrating & Smuggled In from The Cape Verde Islands. It’s Secretly Been Going On For Year’s!! How Is That Port NOT Being Monitored By The FBI, The U.S. Customs & Federal investigators for Port Authority’s Is Beyond Me.? So, PLEASE! Don’t Talk Bad About Fall River, Until New Bedford Clean’s Up It’s OWN Backyard !

        • Royce

          June 26, 2024 at 4:15 pm

          Wow Steve must still be mad at the priest for sniffing his hair when he was a kid, poor little baby is so mad at the world

        • Sarah R

          July 1, 2024 at 7:41 am

          Steve how dare you KNOCK down NB Fishing Fleet! The guys that work on those boats are hard workers, out to Sea for long stretches of time away from their family and friends, out in bad weather to bring us fresh fish to enjoy with our family and friends! That Fishing Fleet is ranked #1 in the Nation! Brings in the most fish per capita in the Nation. You wouldn’t last a day working on anyone on those boats! You don’t know Shit so keep your uneducated comments to your self! Deal with FACTS

  8. Frank Tropea

    May 15, 2024 at 7:15 pm

    Poor cities exist in America, like,Brockton.
    There should be a sort of Marshall Plan in
    America for such cities and towns to be revitalize America.

    • Ian

      May 26, 2024 at 9:00 am

      Unfortunately that would be accused of being “socialist” or something. Another FDR-style president would really benefit this country but our government is completely inept!

  9. Michele F Gaudette

    May 20, 2024 at 8:56 am

    I personally do NOT LIKE Fall River. I lived there for 5 years. Worst time of my life. But, I was part of the problem (accepting accountability). So, I moved, back to my hometown and changed my life for the better. Thank God!

  10. Jhon

    May 27, 2024 at 5:40 am

    I grew up in the 80 and this city has gone to shit it a down hill battle the cops are not doing nothing there to afraid and getting a pay check there crime drugs every where ya can’t walk around ya can’t do noing kids killing kid city full of it and gun all over the place but the city has gotten out of control but the cop are to busy and not anof of them so the state cops are trying to pick up the slack it helping but still not anof it sad what the city has become

  11. Roxanne Gullins

    May 27, 2024 at 11:28 am

    I lived in Fall River and I have also lived in Quincy grew up in Quincy I have lived in Brockton nothing is worse then down town nasty Brockton there is no way that Fall River is worse then Brockton u want to talk about gross try walking to Dunkin’ Donuts mind u across the street my my old house and Brockton police station to count 56 needles on the ground or to have ur car stole. And recovered 2 weeks later in Randolph full of needles pissed in and god knows what ever else there is absolutely nothing for children to do at least Fall River cares about the kids there schools are better then the Quincy school systems who let the kids just get pushed threw the cracks so I do not understand all that and I never have seen it dirty on the streets maybe the main ones but never the side it’s sad it’s so run down and the mills closed but I believe that city still has great people there to

    • Dianna E.

      June 26, 2024 at 11:27 pm

      Hey Roxanne, it’s Dianna, Carolyn’s sister. I didn’t know you had lived in Fall River? The kids and I have been here for about 6 years now. And although I don’t like it much and would love to move, I don’t find it that bad. We’re in a good neighborhood, and my kids are doing well in school making honor roll and getting awards. I would never want to move to Quincy or Brockton though. When Fred,Carolyn, n Bri lives there I hated taking the bus and doing near the station. It was awful therr. Anyway, hope you and your family are doing well. Take Care.

  12. Gdrago

    May 29, 2024 at 7:08 am

    Fall river is a dump. Why would anyone want to live there? I feel bad for the kids. It’s not their fault their parents brought them to such an awful place

    • Geoff Roy

      June 10, 2024 at 6:28 pm

      Some of the s*** you people say like where you from unreal

    • Charles

      June 17, 2024 at 12:19 pm

      I feel bad for your mother raising such ignorance

  13. Steve S.

    June 20, 2024 at 11:03 am


    • Linda

      July 2, 2024 at 7:18 pm

      I am so very sorry for your tragic loss 🙏

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