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Report concerning Fall River Superintendent Malone issued; Malone blames Mayor for complaints



A Fall River resident became the recipient of the investigative report concerning allegations against Superintendent of Schools Dr. Matthew Malone.

Supervisor of Records, Rebecca Murphy, issued a letter stating the School Committee must release the report to Colin Dias within 10 days with proper redactions.

Dias released the report on social media on Friday.

We have received the Malone Investigative Report. Read it for yourselves. This should be more unredacted.

Posted by Concerned Citizens for the Removal of Superintendent Matthew Malone on Friday, April 16, 2021

While much of the report is redacted, there were a few findings.

On page 2, 15 witnesses were interviewed for the report. Human Resource Director Thomas Coogan received 5 complaints.

On page 9, Malone stated that he may have inadvertently used the term retarded in the workplace. Malone stated it was wrong and attributed it to growing up in the 1970s

On page 11, Malone admitted during an August 2020 meeting that he was upset and likely used unprofessional language to express his dissatisfaction. Through the redactions, it appears Malone possibly stated “what the f*** is wrong with you guys. You need to pull your heads out of your a**** (or something similar).”

On page 13, Malone acknowledged a habit of using profanity and described it as an embarrassing flaw, but denied swearing at any FRPS employee. He also said he never urged anyone to retire.

On page 17, Malone denied a sexual relationship and stated that people frequently make up rumors about him sleeping with female employees.

On page 25, Malone had a theory that Mayor Coogan was responsible for the complaints filed against him and felt it was due to Malone challenging the Mayor in School Committee meetings which may hurt Coogan’s re-election bid. Malone felt the complaints were orchestrated by the Mayor to get him fired.

A recent evaluation of Malone by the School Committee revealed mixed results.

Malone has stated on multiple occasions that he has no plans to resign.



  1. Alix

    April 17, 2021 at 3:59 pm

    Wait a minute. I may be misreading this, but the headline as written indicates that the report blames the Mayor for the complaints concerning the Superintendent but in reading the article it clearly states that the Superintendent blames the Mayor. It would seem that the article is the correct version–but the headline gets all the attention.

    • Ken Paiva

      April 17, 2021 at 4:05 pm

      When we posted it, we clearly stated what happened, however, you have a valid point on how it could be misinterpreted and we have edited the title.

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