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Report: 95 percent of baby foods tested contained one or more toxic heavy metals



According to a report, 95 percent of baby foods tested contained one or more toxic heavy metals.

Test results of 168 baby foods from major manufacturers in the United States found 73% contained arsenic, 94% contained lead, 75% contained cadmium, and 32% contained mercury. One in four baby foods contained all four heavy metals.

In a single container, 4 metals were found in 26% of baby foods, 3 metals 40%, 2 metals 21%, 1 metal 8%, and 0 metals 5% (9 foods).

The report, courtesy of Healthy Babies Bright Futures, states that even in the trace amounts found in food, these contaminants can alter the developing brain of a child and erode their IQ. The impacts increase with each meal or snack.

88 percent of baby foods they tested have no enforceable federal safety limit for arsenic, lead and other heavy metals according to the group.

The report also states that research confirms widespread exposures and risks from these metals including cancer.

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