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Police warn as they say Massachusetts solicitors are deceiving the public and making money doing it



Photo courtesy of Dartmouth Police

Local police are pleading with the public to not give money to what they say are scammers.

Dartmouth Police say that with the warmer weather here, scammers have come out of hiding and making their way to a particular busy intersection in their town.

Despite their ongoing efforts to do everything that can legally do to both move them along and warn the public about donating to them, just this past Friday, officers still observed several people rolling down their windows and giving money to them.

Though PD doesn’t fault people for having a kind heart, authorities are pleading with the public to not give them money as they say it is just encouraging them to continue scamming.

They reiterate that the solicitors are not collecting money to donate to any other cause other than lining the pockets of the ringleader who runs this same scam in multiple states, and they should be viewed the same as the foreign speaking IRS agent who calls you on the phone and says that they are securing a warrant for your arrest if you don’t send them gift cards in the amount that you owe.

The photos on their materials of sick children are reportedly not tied to the solicitors.

This has also been an issue in Fall River and other parts of the state and authorities hope the public will spread the word.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Travis Bickle

    June 11, 2023 at 10:37 am

    Maybe you should be more concerned with actual establishments that do the same thing, because there are plenty of those around MA cheating people and taking advantage.

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