Police warn after skimming device found at Bristol County Cumberland Farms



Police are warning the public after a device was found at a Bristol County convenience store.

According to police, a sophisticated skimming device was located on the Citizens Bank ATM located inside Cumberland Farms at 30 Chauncy Street (Route 106) in Mansfield.

Police are currently unsure how long the device was there but are urging the public to check their credit/debit card statements and to notify their bank about a possible breech.

Card skimmers are small, illegal devices that fit onto ATMs, or on top of card readers at self-service sale terminals, and are designed to blend in with the rest of the machine while obtaining personal information.

When utilizing an ATM or a card reader, be sure to use this “SCAN” checklist:

S: Scan the area for hidden cameras that may record you typing your PIN. These may be mounted near the keypad so always cover your hand while you type in a PIN.

C: Compare the card reader and keypad to the rest of the machine. The colors and styles should all match, and graphics should be aligned and un-obscured.

A: Assess for obvious signs of tampering. Broken or dented panels may be visible or security seals may be broken.

N: Nudge the card reader and keypad. Card skimmers and fake keypads are meant to be removed, so if they feel loose, you may have spotted a skimmer.

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