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Police warn after local woman scammed out of thousands of dollars



A local police department is warning the public after a woman was scammed out of thousands of dollars.

According to Middletown, RI Police, recently, several Middletown residents and residents across the state have been contacted by a person claiming to be a law enforcement official. The caller alleges that a family member of the resident has been arrested and is in need of bail money.

Unfortunately, one elderly resident fell victim to the scam. The caller sent a “courier” to the residence to pick up the alleged bail money. It was not until later in the day that the resident discovered that she had been scammed out of several thousand dollars.

This incident is under investigation by the Middletown Police Department Detective Division. The Department of Homeland Security is also involved as this scam is widespread and commonly being used.

The suspects specifically target senior citizens. If the caller is claiming to be from a law enforcement agency or hospital, please VERIFY the telephone number and call back to confirm the validity of the phone call. Please educate family and friends so that they don’t become a victim.

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