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Police report released in Fall River dog attack



In what has become a hot button issue with city residents wanting more information on the attack, the Fall River Police department has released the police report on Friday night’s dog attack that injured a 4 year old boy and his mother.

On Friday at approximately 8:15 p.m., Officer Perreira was dispatched to the intersection of Bay Street and Mount Hope Avenue to investigate people yelling  for 911. While responding, police were updated that a pit bull had bitten a child.

When they arrived on the scene, a large crowd was observed standing in the street in front of 1755 Bay Street. First aid was also being performed on the boy on the sidewalk in front of the residence. Several people were observed in the yard of 1755 Bay Street including the mother who was bleeding profusely and several individuals who were kneeling by her to stop the bleeding. Rescue units arrived to assist.

The owner of the dog, who was not on scene during the incident stated that the dog’s vaccinations were up to date and he believed the dog was properly licensed.

The mother, her 2 year old daughter, and 4 year old son, who have been familiar with the dog and giving it milkbone dog treats several times a week, asked to feed the dog some treats.  They were told they could so they went to the corner store and purchased some milkbones. The boy began to cry because he wanted to pet the dog and it was asked if he could enter the yard to pet the dog. The adult on scene opened the gate and let the children in the yard. Her son went over to the dog to hand feed a milkbone and the dog suddenly lunged and began biting his face. The mother then ran in trying to fight the dog off and the dog then began biting her. The attack went on for several minutes until the officer used force to stop the attack.

The two victims were transported to the hospital.

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