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Police find pet dog missing for months after arrest of 32-year-old in Brockton



Photo courtesy of Brockton Police

Police say that a Brockton family is excited and relieved after learning that their beloved family dog, Speedy, has been found after going missing for nearly three months.

“I’m shocked and grateful,” said Ralph Tilghman, dog owner. “My five-year-old daughter questioned me last week whether we would ever see Speedy again.”

Her wish came true a few days later as the family’s months-long search ended when the Brockton Police and Animal Control reunited them with their lost companion.

According to Brockton PD, on Monday, Brockton Police Sergeant Adam Rees arrested a 32-year-old for assault & battery with a dangerous weapon, trespassing, operating to endanger, and driving without a license. The dog was in the back seat.

Animal Control Officer Darren Hand confirmed the dog’s identity by scanning it to see if a microchip was implanted, which there was.

Dog owner Ralph Tilghman told us he could not wait to see his best friend and picked her up at the animal shelter earlier than planned. The attached video and photo captured the heartwarming reunion.

Tilghman told us he planned to keep the exciting news a secret from his children. He wanted to experience the priceless expression of surprise on their faces when they returned home and realized their precious dog had finally returned safe and sound.

The suspect’s name was not released by police.

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