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Police catch suspect accused of leaving rocks on Massachusetts highway; looking for more victims



A suspect has been arrested after police say rocks were left in a roadway to cause accidents and damage to vehicles.

According to the department, since February of 2023, Kingston PD has investigated a series of large rocks/boulders being placed in the roadway on Pembroke Street (Rt. 27) in the area of Reed St.

These events were occurring sporadically, mostly during darkness. Each time, it appeared a single large rock (varying between approximately 15 and 50 pounds) was being placed in the middle of the roadway.

This portion of the road, spanning less than 1/2 mile, is heavily wooded and dark with no residences abutting the roadway. It became apparent someone was maliciously placing these rocks on the road to cause damage to vehicles.

As frequency and severity of the events increased, Kingston PD Detectives took over the investigation in June.

Many times, it appeared someone may have struck a rock and continued on. Many others, the vehicle’s undercarriages were being ripped out, causing fluid spills, disabling vehicles and even causing airbag deployments.

PD stated that investigators feared that someone may get seriously hurt or killed, whether it be striking a rock while operating a motorcycle or striking a rock, crossing the center line, and causing a head on collision.

Due to the remote area, heavy vehicular traffic on the roadway, inconsistent reporting of the events, difficult electronic surveillance environment, and the sporadic occurrences spread out over months, the investigation took significant effort until last night.

Detectives implemented a physical surveillance plan, in the woods, overnight. A detective, in full camouflage, positioned himself in the woods last night at approximately 10:00 p.m. in the pouring rain where he planned to remain during the overnight hours with a line of sight on the area of interest.

While seated in the woods, shortly before midnight, Det. Francis observed a suspect vehicle stop, tailgate open, a rock then left in the vehicles place in the middle of the road, and the vehicle then pull onto Reed St.

No other vehicles were observed pulling onto the small residential street of Reed Street during the surveillance. Investigators made contact with a suspect on his porch, approximately 10 minutes after the rock placement. The suspect admitted to driving the matching vehicle (still warm to the touch) and having just recently arrived home. He denied stopping on Pembroke Street, but apparently was unaware that a detective viewed the entire event from the wood line.

Additional inconsistencies in the suspects story were identified and other probable cause was gathered. As a result, Det. Lt. Skowyra, Sgt. Calter and Det. Francis placed the suspect under arrest. Multiple other law enforcement officers assisted with the investigation.

The defendant, 31-year-old Cameron Currier of Reed St Kingston, was held on a significant bail amount and is scheduled for arraignment this morning at Plymouth District Court. The defendant’s residence is one of very view in the area that occupants would be able to hear the subsequent collisions and watch the emergency responses to the crashes caused by these malicious acts.

Additional investigatory steps to further prove the case, in conjunction with the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, remain ongoing.

Requested criminal charges are 11 counts of Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle (1 count for each known vehicle damaged) and 9 counts of Attempt to Commit Crime: Malicious Damage to a Motor Vehicle (1 count for each time a rock was found on the roadway, with no known victim vehicles).

Kingston Police are asking anyone that hit a rock in the roadway of Rt. 27 in the vicinity of Reed St from February 2023 until today to contact their detective division so that they can ascertain if your event is related to this case and seek charges/restitution on your behalf through the courts. Call Det. Lt. Michael Skowyra at 781-585-0523 ext. 6662.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ShitRat

    August 22, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Should place a large stone on this guy’s head. Place it from about 35000 feet…

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