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Police arrest three from Massachusetts, New York, recover thousands, in nationwide grandparent scam investigation



Three people have been arrested in Massachusetts for their alleged roles in a country-wide scam that cost victims thousands of dollars. The scam has involved at least Boston, MA, Bristol County, Bronx, New York, Conrow, Texas, San Diego, California, and Panorama, Texas.

According to Deputy Chief Timothy Cook, on Friday, September 23rd, as part of an ongoing investigation into a “grandparent scam” organization, the Attleboro Police Detective Division was made aware of a package en route to Attleboro containing several thousand dollars in cash. This package was able to be intercepted and the money returned to the victim, who was in San Diego, California.

On Friday, September 30th, an additional victim out of Conrow, Texas was identified. This victim had mailed a package containing several thousand dollars to an address in Attleboro. This victim cooperated with law enforcement and, when contacted by the scammers for more money, agreed to their request. The shipping address was provided to Attleboro Detectives and was found to be a vacant property listed for sale in Attleboro.

Cook stated that working in conjunction with a shipping company, a delivery of a “controlled package” was scheduled for Tuesday, October 4. Detectives established surveillance and within minutes of delivery of a first package, an individual identified as 23-year-old Ransel Starlin Tavares Jiminez of Bronx, NY, arrived in front of the house and was observed collecting the package from the doorstep. He was taken into custody for receiving stolen property and attempting to commit a crime to wit larceny over $1200. The first package was found to be from a separate scam victim from Panorama, TX. This package contained several thousand dollars in cash, which was recovered for the victim.

Upon delivery of the “controlled package”, detectives observed two females arrive in a vehicle. A female passenger got out and retrieved the “controlled package” from the doorstep and was taken into custody. The female driver was stopped and also taken into custody. These females were identified as 55-year-old Rosa Maria Burgos Liz and 46-year-old Raquel Julissa Mata Liz both of Dorchester, and both were charged with attempting to commit a crime to with receiving stolen property.

The investigation was led by Detective Keith Golden and assisted by Detective Joseph Daday. Officers Pedro Mendes, Karl Williams, Matt Tracy, Anthony Lofton and Sergeants Kevin Sellers and Leo McKenzie also provided assistance.

In total, approximately $19,000 in cash was able to be intercepted and recovered for the elderly victims of these scams.



  1. Jane McElearney

    October 11, 2022 at 10:57 am

    I was scammed by country wide in 2001 is their any compensation for people who were foreclosured on by back of Boston taking on country wide mortgages and raising the interest rates

  2. Jerrt

    October 11, 2022 at 11:00 am

    What a stupid story, where they never mentioned what the scam was!!!

    • Ken Paiva

      October 11, 2022 at 11:18 am

      It says it was a grandparent scam which is a well-known scam that has been going on for years where someone poses as a grandchild in trouble and asks the grandparent for money.

  3. Hugh E. Brennan

    October 11, 2022 at 11:57 am

    You get a call and they say ” Your grandson is in trouble” You say “Matt?” They say “Yes, Mathew.” You, “What’s the problem?” “He’s in Mexico with a broken leg and can’t get home unless we give the doctor 2000 dollars.”

    Many variations, but that’s the basic scam. Unbelievably, people send money, gift cards thousands of times a year. My 84-year-old mother-in-law went to the bank and took out 1500 dollars which she sent to Mexico to “rescue” a boy who was safe at home in California.

    It’s a cruel and wicked scheme.

  4. Dallas Fagan

    October 11, 2022 at 2:45 pm

    Great investigative work guys & girls! You nailed ‘em!

  5. Sylvia

    October 12, 2022 at 9:06 pm

    Great police work.

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