Person thanks Dartmouth Police for treatment by officers and arrest that turned life around



Brian P. Levesque Dartmouth Chief of Police

A local person is proving that sometimes your darkest moment can turn into a lifechanging experience.

Dartmouth Police posted on social media Thursday a message they had received from someone they had previously arrested.

PD stated that they posted the letter because it shows how someone used a traumatic event to turn their life around in addition to the compassionate side of police work that is rarely seen by the public.

“Good morning. I wanted to share my story with you. On November 23 ,2021 I made the very poor decision to drive drunk. I was pulled over and arrested just one mile from my home. Although this was by far one of the worst moments of my life, it was also the best possible thing that could have happened. I never would have imagined myself having to spend even a moment in the back of a police car let alone spending a night in Ash St. I want to thank the officers who treated me with dignity and kindness. From the arrest to the processing and then my ride to my hotel for the night. I missed bail so I spent the night there. I am pleased to let you know that I have 10 months alcohol free! I don’t recommend the route it took for me to stop drinking but hey! Whatever works lol!”

DPD wished the person continued success with their sobriety and stated that while they were given permission to use their name, out of respect for their privacy, they removed the individuals name from the message.

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