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Pam Laliberte steps down from position as Fall River City Council president, Michelle Dionne presides over meeting



The Fall River City Council President has stepped down from the position as she faces multiple charges.

Pam Laliberte was scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday on charges concerning Criminal Harassment, Annoying Telephone/Electronic Communications, and 2 counts of Intimidation of a Witness.

At today’s City Council meeting, a letter of resignation was read from Laliberte stating that she would not be able to give the attention of president that it deserves. Vice President Michelle Dionne served as president at today’s meeting with Laliberte not present. The vote for a new president will take place at the next City Council meeting when Laliberte is present.

Westport Police filed charges against Laliberte late last month after an investigation that began in April 2022. As a part of the investigation, detectives were granted a search warrant for an application used to disguise telephone numbers and a person’s identity. As a result of the search warrant, detectives learned the calls and text messages were being placed by Laliberte’s cellphone.

According to the investigation, multiple phone numbers were created through an app and used to reportedly harass the wife of a former lover.

Laliberte allegedly opened an account to make the spoof numbers that were used in the criminal harassment.

Westport Police stated that Laliberte became aware of the investigation and contacted one of the victims in an attempt to have the investigation stopped.

Section 9-13 of the charter states that “an elected official who has been convicted of a state or federal felony while holding office shall be deemed to have vacated the office.”

The Criminal Harassment and Annoying Telephone/Electronic Communications charges are misdemeanors. The two Intimidation of a Witness charges are felonies.

It was also announced last week that Laliberte, who is a real estate agent, was switching offices from Keller Williams to Team Roso.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pam Hammel

    September 15, 2022 at 7:10 am

    She needs to resign. She say there are two sides to a story but she confessed to the police. I’m just glad the victim was in Westport because frpd woukdnt have helped the.

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