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Opinion: With two recent incidents at Fall River school, how are our children being protected?



FALL RIVER – Can someone please hit the media with questions on how our children are being protected?

My son goes to John J Doran. Last week, they had non-students looking in the gym and this week a gun was found on school grounds around the corner from where the kids were looking in.

As parents we were told a weapon was found on school property. They didn’t tell us what kind of weapon. We all found out through word of mouth. It was swept under the rug. Office staff was unaware of the incident last week when asked if they could be related.

Parents want to know what extra, if any, steps are being taken to make sure our children are safe? The gun that was found, was it loaded? Unloaded? Maybe even a toy (doubtful but can hope)?

Amber Freitas



  1. Red Pilled

    May 26, 2023 at 10:01 am

    How to protect your children? Easy answer get them out of public school if you can

  2. CJ Ferry

    May 30, 2023 at 9:44 am

    Mayor Paul Coogan and Superintendent Maria Pontes do everything to hide the issues in the school system. They use the mantra keep your head down and your mouth shut and it will go away. We have heard nothing about the student at Durfee that was groped by a teacher and the parent was told to get a lawyer. The teacher was not suspended and continued to teach at the school. Our children and our city deserve better.

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