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OPINION: Fall River residents express issue with needles, trash, accumulating across the city



Photo courtesy of Troy City

Several city residents have contacted us to voice their displeasure concerning the city’s trash issue.

Jade Figueroa had this to say.

“Are we going to start doing something about this? Do you care about the city?

“The needles, hostess wrappers, seafood boil bags, and other miscellaneous polluted waste is not HEALTHY!

“I’m calling out this business owner, John F Coyle Inc, contractors who FAIL TO CLEAN UP THEIR OWN PROPERTY! Who specifically owns this trash can and angrily yells at anyone who passes his “lawn”. It’s bad for the environment, wildlife, and US.

“Fall River, you can’t fix potholes, you can’t stop fireworks at 2am, you have asbestos in fallen/torn down open mills, you can’t help the homeless or implement better rehabilitation for the drug addicts flooding our streets. Our streets aren’t safe, but they could at least be clean! DO MORE!

“Stop & Shop (501 Rodman Street, Fall River), DO BETTER! There are carts, plastic bags, face masks, and needles covering your “NO TRESSPASSING” lawn and parking lot.

“Coogan, respectfully – Now I know this comes with living in a city, but we shouldn’t be so “used” to it. If these images upset or disgust you, GOOD! This is a serious public health issue and I can’t even walk my dogs safely.

“For those who say “pick it up yourself”. You obviously didn’t understand the message of this post. There should be more street clean ups and more public works because that’s where our taxes go right? Are littering fines even a thing?”

Stephanie Lauren stated, “I live in Fall River on Warren Street and I’ve had someone come into my backyard off the street and leave a needle in my backyard!!! I have a 3-year-old who plays outside. Totally unacceptable and disgusting.”

We also received this video concerning trash along the highway across from Bicentennial Park.

We contacted MassDOT about the trash issue in this video and officials told us that the Route 79 corridor has been prioritized and within the next two weeks MassDOT crews will perform litter picking throughout the corridor.

Is the city’s trash issue more about government needing to do more or residents needing to have more pride in the city?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Angry b

    March 31, 2021 at 11:21 am

    How can residents take more pride in their city when the govt does sh*t all for it? Recently they re did some of Kennedy park. SOME. So only one side of that street gets the better view and paving? Why does the city not have more volunteer clean up orgs they run? How about instead of paying salary for 4 meter maids to attack the community for *GASP* trying to live and do business here they employ someone to CLEAN?

    I saw a crew go into kennedy park the other day and all they do is drive to the trash cans and pick them up. Why not allocate a few more hours to them for general clean up? WHERE DOES OUR MONEY GO?

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