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Officials warn after Massachusetts man killed after oxygen bottle explodes



Officials have determined what caused an explosion that killed a Massachusetts man.

Tuesday’s explosion in the area of Foster and Knox streets in Springfield is believed to have been caused by a man attempting to remove the valve from a home oxygen bottle.

The investigation by members of the Springfield Fire Department, Springfield Police Department, and State Police assigned to the State Fire Marshal’s office suggests that the deceased had been manipulating the bottle’s valve in an attempt to remove it. When those efforts were unsuccessful, he began to hit the bottle against the ground. The pressurized contents then exploded, causing fatal injuries.

According to WMN, fire officials sent out a warning concerning the dangers of tampering with oxygen tanks and how it could cause an incident such as this one.

“Banging an oxygen tank on the ground is a very dangerous thing,” stated BJ Calvi, the Fire Commissioner of the Springfield Fire Department.

Authorities have not released the victim’s name.

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