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Officials announce emergency drill to take place this week in Fall River area concerning South Coast Rail



It may seem that an emergency is taking place in the area later this week, but in actuality, it will be a training drill to help be prepared in case one strikes.

According to Jean Fox, Director of Community Engagement and Kim Dobosz, Director of Construction, on Thursday, July 27, 2023, the MBTA will conduct an emergency evacuation training drill in the area of Campanelli Drive in Freetown. The drill is part of safety training in support of future South Coast Rail service. No traffic impacts are expected around Campanelli Drive, although local neighbors in the area may experience heightened noise and other general activity related to this safety exercise.

Community members should know that this is a training exercise only and a real emergency will not be taking place. While the training exercise is scheduled from approximately 10 AM to noon, event set-up activities will take place as early as 7 AM. Only exercise participants will be permitted on site.

The drill is a learning exercise that will include a scenario where a train traveling along a section of track experiences an incident. Commuter Rail has not operated in the region for more than 60 years, and this is a learning opportunity for the operating agencies and regional police and fire. This kind of exercise allows safety officials and first responders in the region to become familiar with Commuter Rail equipment.

The exercise is one of many parts of a safety campaign led by the MBTA in preparation for the start of SCR passenger service. Other safety initiatives include the Safety First education program for SCR communities that highlights track and grade crossing safety through training classes, videos, brochures, and presentations. Local officials, stakeholders, and other community groups like schools, libraries, and clubs can request more information or a presentation by emailing with “Safety First” in the subject line.

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