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New England Aquarium aerial survey team witnesses rare sight in area waters involving well-known humpback whale



Photos taken by NEAq Aerial Observers. Photos taken on surveys of wind energy areas and surrounding waters sponsored by MassCEC and BOEM.

A crew with the New England Aquarium recently witnessed a magnificent sight off Massachusetts waters.

This past Monday, the New England Aquarium aerial survey team spotted Salt, one of the most recognizable humpback whales in New England waters!

The easiest and most effective way to identify humpback whales, according to NEA, is by looking at the underside of their tails, which means it’s hard for their aerial team to identify humpbacks from the sky. But Salt, who gets her name from the front of her dorsal fin being speckled with white, was easy for the team of scientists to spot from above among a group of 15 other humpback whales!

Salt, who was first seen in Massachusetts in the mid-1970s and has given birth to 16 calves, was seen bubble feeding with three other whales south of Martha’s Vineyard.

It was a rare treat for the survey team to see this iconic female humpback!

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