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More local politicians looking for Mayor Correia to be removed from office



Photo courtesy of the City of Fall River

The list is growing of local politicians requesting the removal of Mayor Correia from office either temporarily or permanently.

The Baker, Polito campaign requested yesterday that Corrreia should step aside until the case is resolved. U.S. Sen. Edward Markey stated the same. Pam Laliberte-Lebeau has expressed that she feels the mayor should be removed which led to a special City Council meeting to be called for Tuesday. U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III said in a statement yesterday that “Mayor Correia should step down and allow the City of Fall River to move past this difficult time.” Leo Pelletier also has announced that Correia should step down. Now at least one more city councilor and candidate for Governor are being added to the list.

According to the Boston Herald, both Brad Kilby and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez also called for Correia to resign. “It’s time for the city council to step up and lead. I am certain he will not resign voluntarily, but it would alleviate the issues facing Fall River,” said Councilor Bradford Kilby, who said he would vote to remove Correia. “I’ve received numerous emails and calls for him to step down. It’s very unfortunate, and I take no pride in this happening. It’s a sad situation and gives the city two black eyes and a broken nose.”

The remaining city councilors have yet to express their thoughts in either direction.

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