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Mayoral candidate Erica Scott-Pacheco reacts to Mayor Correia’s arrest



Erica Scott-Pacheco, candidate for Mayor of Fall River, reacted to the news of the arrest of Mayor Jasiel Correira II on new charges of corruption with the following statement:

“Jasiel Correia is alleged to have carefully cultivated a culture of corruption and bribery to victimize our city. I am shocked to read the federal indictment describing how Correia used OUR office and manipulated public staff (paid by OUR tax dollars) to enrich his personal life. I am deeply concerned about this predatory behavior by our city’s top leader.

“Jasiel Correia taking bribes and kickbacks, down payments for a luxury Mercedes, and Rolex watches all make one thing clear to me: Correia’s priority is sustaining his “lavish lifestyle”, not the working families and seniors in our city.

“This pattern of criminal pay-to-play allegations is simply unacceptable. Correia showed us once that he seeks to defraud, steal, and lie to amass his fortune. Today, he again showed us there is no end to what he will do to fulfill his selfish desires. Jasiel Correia’s unethical behavior is incompatible with public service. My top priority is to restore respect and justice to our City Hall.

“Now more than ever, we must demand transparent and trustworthy leadership. I stand with you, the people of Fall River, against this widespread cronyism preying on our city. We are stronger than corruption, and we can prove that in the voting booth on September 17th.”

Scott-Pacheco, 35, a resident of the Flint neighborhood of Fall River, is on the ballot as a
andidate for mayor during the preliminary election upcoming on September 17th, 2019.

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