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Mayor Correia pleading not guilty to second set of charges



Photo courtesy of Josh Souza

Mayor Jasiel Correia has requested not to attend his arraignment.

Correia submitted to the court a request to not attend and waive his right to be at his arraignment concerning his second superseding indictment.

“I have talked about the charges in the indictment with my attorney and I understand the nature of the offenses that I am charged with and I also understand my right to be at an arraignment. I have chosen to waive my appearance for arraignment and request that my plea of NOT GUILTY be entered on my behalf under Fed. R. Crim. P. 10(b).”

As the City Council proceeds with possible legal action to temporarily remove him from his duties, Mayor Correia has repeated his innocence and that he will not step down.

Jasiel Correia - arraignment waiver
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