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Mass RMV suspends over 1,100 licenses in wake of fatal motorcycle crash



MassDOT, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, have released an update in wake of the failures that were found after a horrific fatal motorcycle crash in New Hampshire involving West Springfield’s Volodymyr Zhukovskyy.

According to Marie Breen, MassDOT General Counsel and Jamey Tesler, Acting Registrar of Motor Vehicles, all remaining suspensions based on the unprocessed out of state notifications identified in Quincy headquarters on Wednesday June 26 have been processed, with 940 suspensions issued pertaining to 746 unique drivers.

According to the report, additional processes are being developed to ensure that all incoming out-of-state notifications received by mail are scanned and reviewed and that any notifications triggering suspension actions are acted upon either the day the notification is received or within one business day after.

A comprehensive review has been completed of all additional locations where unprocessed out of state violations may have been stored, including Quincy headquarters, all service centers, the Registry’s archives stored in Concord and a private document storage location. Boxes of out of state violations from 2011 through 2017 were pulled from the registry’s archives and reviewed, and while some had been processed, it could not be determined that all of the notifications had been processed. The three-step process described in the July 1st report has therefore been initiated for 72 boxes of violation notices recovered from the Concord archives, and, as of the close of business on July 3rd, an additional 168 suspensions for 130 unique drivers have been processed. The work of triaging those materials has begun and will continue through the weekend and until all suspensions are completed.

Zhukovskyy, 23, pleaded not guilty to negligent homicide and had an OUI arrest in Connecticut that should have flagged his license for suspension.

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