Massachusetts State Police warn of phishing scam with parking meters



Phishing attacks are constantly evolving to trick more victims in a variety of ways and Massachusetts State Police are warning of a new scam taking place.

Multiple police departments in Texas recently reported fraudulent QR code stickers placed on parking meters disguised as “quick pay” options to steal unsuspecting parkers payment information.

This new phishing attack tactic uses the QR code to direct unsuspecting users to a fraudulent website to enter payment details to pay for their parking. Instead of paying for the parking spot, victims are unknowing handing banking and credit card information directly to scammers.

This scam is enticing because QR codes are known for speed and convenience, so a user might prefer this type of payment method to the use of cash or credit card at a pay station.

To report a suspected Internet-facilitated crime to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, go to WWW.IC3.GOV.

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