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Massachusetts State Police, local, and Environmental Police, arrest 35, seize dirt bikes/scooters in Operation Hot August Nights



Photo courtesy of Massachusetts State Police

Dave Procopio of the Massachusetts State Police has announced that Massachusetts State Police along with the Brockton Police Department conducted “Operation Hot August Nights,” a zero-tolerance mission to interdict offenders responsible for violent crimes and narcotics dealing, as well as those negatively impacting quality of life for Brockton residents.

Numerous Massachusetts State Police units — including Troop D patrols and Community Action Team, the Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section, Gang Unit, High Risk Victims Unit, Commonwealth Interstate Narcotics Reduction and Enforcement Team, State Police Detective Unit for Plymouth County, and Traffic Programs Section – teamed up with Brockton Officers to proactively patrol the city.

Two helicopters from the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing were on station over the city to track any suspect vehicles who tried to flee ground units. Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers on dirt bikes assisted MSP and Brockton patrols.

“Operation Hot August Nights” began in the late afternoon yesterday as patrols engaged operators of several dirt bikes and scooters who were riding erratically, causing a public safety threat to other motorists and pedestrians. Patrol Troopers and Officers, with the assistance of the MSP Air Wing flight crews and the Environmental Police bike officers, tracked and apprehended seven such offenders.

The MSP Air Wing was also instrumental in two other arrests. One involved a driver who fled from a Trooper in Brockton and was tracked to Bridgewater, where ground units pursued the vehicle with overwatch assistance from the helicopter until the vehicle drove up to a dead end. The driver was there apprehended by Bridgewater Police and turned over to State Police for booking.

The other arrest was the capture of a man wanted for a parole violation. Troopers from the MSP Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section working the operation spotted the suspect in a vehicle and followed him with assistance from the Air Wing. Again, the suspect tried to flee but drove into a dead end, where he was apprehended by VFAS Troopers.

Troopers and Officers also made several narcotics arrests. Members of the Commonwealth Interstate Narcotics Reduction and Enforcement Team – an MSP-led drug enforcement task force – made three arrests, including one for Fentanyl possession and another for possession of a Class B narcotic with intent to distribute. MSP Gang Unit Troopers made an arrest for possession of a Class B drug, as did a Trooper from the State Police Troop D Community Action Team.

Troopers and Officers made nine additional arrests of persons who were the subjects of warrants, including one for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and another for armed robbery while masked. An additional 22 people were arrested for motor vehicle violations, including one for Operating Under the Influence 4th Offense and another for operating a motor vehicle with a license that had been suspended for a prior OUI.

In addition to the above arrests there were 9 arrests for WMS warrants including warrants for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery while masked. There were 22 arrests made for motor vehicle violations to include an OUI 4th offense and operating a motor vehicle while suspended for OUI.

For the entirety of “Operation Hot August Nights,” combined enforcement by Brockton Police, Massachusetts State Police, and Massachusetts Environmental Police resulted in 35 arrests of criminal offenders, the issuance of criminal summonses to five additional offenders, and the seizure of seven dirt bikes and scooters.



  1. J Epps

    August 13, 2023 at 1:57 pm

    How do we get that program in Rox bury and Dorchester???

    • Greg

      August 14, 2023 at 4:59 pm

      How about Fall River?? same problem. Music with Base so strong that it rattles windows and vibrates through walls.

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