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Massachusetts sees increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations, decrease in 7 day positive test rate Thursday



Massachusetts saw an increase in hospitalizations, but a decrease in positive test rate in Thursday’s COVID-19 report.

Massachusetts has seen 393 more positive cases announced today. An increase from Wednesday’s report. The 7 day weighted average positive test rate has decreased to 0.9%.

Massachusetts had seen 288 more positive cases announced yesterday.

The Massachusetts Department of Health statistics show a rise in total cases to 119,819 with 17 more reported dead for a total of 8,870.

31,584 tests were performed, over 16,000 more than yesterday’s report, to increase the overall total to 2,560,869. The amount of individuals tested is now 1,801,585.

Hospitalizations have decreased in 86 of the last 115 days, however, hospitalizations increased by 4 today to see the total rise to 312.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Health, beginning Wednesday, a new case definition updates the clinical criteria associated with COVID-19; defines probable cases as individuals: with a positive antigen test, with COVID-19 listed as an underlying or contributing cause of death on a death certificate, or with appropriate symptoms and likely exposure. The criteria indicating likely exposure are now restricted to known contact with a case or association with a specific outbreak. Individuals with positive serology (antibody) tests have been placed in a new suspect category which is not reportable to CDC.

Nursing home cases and cases by City and Town as of September 2nd.
Weekly COVID-19 Public Health Report

Massachusetts residents subject to COVID-19 quarantine by current status up to September 2nd
• Total of individuals subject to quarantine: 80,709
• Total of individuals who have completed monitoring (no longer in quarantine): 77,940
• Total of individuals currently undergoing monitoring/under quarantine: 2,769

According to the CDC, as of September 3rd, the total amount of COVID-19 cases in the country is 6,087,403 with 185,092 dead.

Courtesy of the CDC

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