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Massachusetts new Attorney General Andrea Campbell outlines priorities in history-making inaugural address



BOSTON – Today in a historic inaugural address at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell outlined priorities for her first-term, focusing on how she says she will hold the powerful accountable, create economic prosperity and stability for families, prioritize the mental health and well-being of young people and bring the community into that work to make the office more accessible to people across Massachusetts regardless of income, language, zip code or ability.

After being sworn in as the 45th Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and becoming the first Black woman and woman of color to hold Massachusetts statewide office, AG Campbell addressed an audience of 1,000 including office staff, family, friends, supporters, federal, state and local elected officials, law enforcement, clergy members and community leaders from across the state.

The new Attorney General emphasized the magnitude of the historic moment, and her hope for how this day and the work her office will do over the coming months will inspire the next generation to do better than the last.

“My hope is that every day, women and young people who look like me – and see the incredible work of this office – will feel less invisible, despairing and lonely because there continues to be a shining example of what is possible,” said AG Campbell.

In her address, AG Campbell echoed a theme from her campaign of building economic prosperity and stability for all Massachusetts residents.

“We can provide greater economic opportunity by tackling wage theft, protecting residents from predatory practices and scams; fighting to ensure families have the tools they need to buy or stay in their homes; and punishing unfair or discriminatory practices that stand in the way of upward mobility and opportunity,” she said.

AG Campbell reiterated the actions she will take during her first days in office to create a more fair and just Commonwealth:

-Forming an Elder Justice Unit, using the full tools of the office to protect our elders from hardship caused by unequal access to health care, deceptive business practices, and fraud.

-Pushing for safer, healthier communities by creating an Office of Gun Safety Enforcement to best defend our common-sense gun laws. AG Campbell’s Office will work to ensure health equity by championing environmental justice to protect our climate with the diversity and urgency all residents need and deserve.

-Creating a Reproductive Justice Unit to protect and expand the right to access safe and legal abortion and reproductive care throughout the state.

-Strengthening the Attorney General’s regional offices in Boston, New Bedford, Worcester and Springfield by hiring community engagement staff who can partner with advocacy organizations, non-profit and business leaders and other stakeholders already doing the work in their communities.

AG Campbell also highlighted the importance of bringing accountability to persistent problems in our prison and criminal legal and juvenile justice system. “We can take on corruption, and hold those who misuse positions of trust or taxpayer dollars accountable for their actions, including by tackling the lack of transparency and accountability behind our prison walls and in our criminal and juvenile justice systems,” she said.

The 40-year-old Mattapan resident and mother of two was elected Attorney General in November. In 2018, then Boston City Councilor Andrea J. Campbell was unanimously elected City Council President, becoming the first Black woman to hold the title – after she was elected the first woman to represent District 4 on the Council in 2015. AG Campbell has also served as senior counsel to Governor Deval Patrick, General Counsel at Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, an employment attorney and legal services attorney.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fed Up

    January 18, 2023 at 7:11 pm

    Another position filled out of nothing more than checking the right boxed off.

    ” AG Campbell reiterated the actions she will take during her first days in office to create a more fair and just Commonwealth ”

    Everything outlined is just doing the job. She brings absolutely nothing new to the position other than ” the first ”

    ” We can take on corruption, and hold those who misuse positions of trust or taxpayer dollars accountable for their actions ”

    Ooh you can start with all your greedy compatriots who just gave themselves a 20.1% pay increase. Oh and while you’re at it you can prosecute whoever in who just leaked all the info in legal gunowners. I’ll be holding my breathe.

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