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Massachusetts baby bitten in face by pit bull recovering



Remmy, the young Falmouth one year old who was bit in the face by the family dog, is recovering.

If you recall, the girl was playing in the kitchen when the family’s pit bull suddenly attacked her last weekend with the father coming to rescue her.

Remmy’s mom has posted an update on her condition through their Gofundme page:

“Hi everyone, this is Stephenie, Remmy’s mom. Now that we are over some initial humps I feel it is a good time to give a detailed update on our Rem-baby’s progress.”

“She sustained severe physical trauma to her face, particularly her jaw. I want to assure everyone that the beautiful face you see in her pictures is there. Her blue eyes, lips, nose, cheeks, and long eyelashes. She has undergone 3 separate surgeries. The first being the emergency surgery to stabilize her. The second surgery was intended to explore her wounds and check for signs of infection. So far so good. The third, and pretty extensive surgery she underwent this afternoon/evening was intended to reconstruct her jaw, address soft tissue damage in her mouth to help with healing, reconstruct the facial structure on the left side and under her eye (bone structure)and some work to begin replacing the bridge of her nose. She will undergo an additional surgery planned for next Tuesday to reconstruct the right side of her face and under her eye (bone structure).”

“She had to undergo a tracheostomy at Falmouth Hospital before she could be transported to Children’s in Boston. There are absolutely no words that exist to express how thankful we are to all of the responders that rushed to save our daughter for a second time in that Emergency Room, her father saving her the first. The surgeons here at Children’s have commended you on your decision making in such a critical situation, especially when it came to committing to the tracheostomy. They say that decision also saved her life. You are heroes.””

“This child is stronger than anyone I can imagine, besides my husband. She has fought and faced so much, yet her heart beats strong. They can fix her. They can heal her. She will reside in the ICU for the time being, with a village by her side, and our hearts may literally burst with the amount of love and support we are receiving from near and far. We tell her everyday how many people are rooting for her. We thank you, and please keep praying and keep rallying. #rallyforremmy.”

The family’s Gofundme page is here: Rally For Remmy




  1. Kb

    January 14, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    I am so pleased that this precious little girl will survive such a traunatic attack, God bless her! I wonder, since there is no mention, why the dog may have attacked or what will happen to the dog once this little girl returns home?

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