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Marshfield police officer injured after woman attacks him with statue after being tased



Multiple officers were injured, and a woman was arrested after an incident this week in Massachusetts.

According to Lt. Shaw, on Monday, just after 7:45 p.m., Marshfield Police received a call to perform a wellbeing check on 42-year-old Gina Martell of Ocean Street in Marshfield.

Martell has an extensive history, including multiple violent encounters with the Marshfield Police. She is also known to conceal weapons within her clothes and body.

Officers responded to the call along with on duty mental health clinician as Marshfield Fire Department staged nearby in case required.

Officers knocked on her door and Martell screamed at them to get a warrant. She then screamed and exhibited delusional and paranoid behavior, according to Shaw.

The clinician determined that Martell was a danger to herself and based on the calls received requesting a wellbeing check, and her behavior towards responding officers, the clinician filed paperwork at the scene to take Martell to the hospital for treatment.

A family member of Martell’s (who was one of the parties requesting the well- being check) gave officers the keys to enter the apartment. Officers opened the door announcing their presence and informing Martell they needed to speak with her. Martell was advised that she would need to go with the officers to speak with a mental health professional at the hospital. Martell ignored the officers and became argumentative and aggressive.

As officers attempted to de-escalate the situation Martell picked up an 8-inch-long ceramic statue and began towards officers in a threatening manner. At this time, one of the officers on scene took his taser out and ordered her to drop the weapon. Martel rushed towards the officer who deployed his taser on her. The taser had minimal affect and Martell smashed the statue over the officer’s head causing a deep laceration and severe bleeding to the officer’s head. Officers on scene then wrestled the weapon from her and three officers, including two injured during the fray, (Martell elbowed and kicked officers on scene) were able to subdue and handcuff the 5’9’ 300-pound Martell.

Officers then requested Marshfield Fire to the scene and were able to restrain Martell on a gurney in the ambulance where an officer was required to ride in back with her.

Two of the Marshfield Police Officers who were injured during the call were transported by ambulance to a local hospital. The suspect suffered no physical injuries during the encounter. Shaw stated that both Marshfield Officers will make a full recovery.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MassTexan

    February 21, 2024 at 7:23 pm

    Sounds like a deadly weapon to me. She’s lucky she was only tased.

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