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Man in United Kingdom buys fully marked Plymouth MA police cruiser; PD hooks him up with serious swag



Photo courtesy of Plymouth Police

A man living in the United Kingdom ended up with a Massachusetts police cruiser and the former owners treated him to quite the haul.

Jacob Hampson from Cornwall, UK posted on social media that he had recently bought a former Plymouth Police cruiser fully marked and with the original paint. He was wondering if there was anyone from the PD that he could contact to maybe get a few bits and pieces that he could display with the vehicle when out and about around the UK. Plymouth PD got word of the post and they are taking care of Jacob in a big way.

Chief of Police Dana Flynn made public the letter sent to Hampson.

“Jacob. We have received reports that you are in possession of a fully marked Plymouth Police Crown Victoria. Your cruiser is special to us. The Crown Victoria was definitely our favorite patrol vehicle. Seeing pictures of your cruiser brought back a lot of memories for both our Officers, and even some of our residents who spent some time in the back seat. Effective today, I give you permission to operate Plymouth Cruiser #11 in a manner in which Officer Greg Maloney (E.O.W. 4/1/14) would want you to. “Drive it like you stole it.” (Disclaimer – As long as it’s within the the rules of His Majesty’s United Kingdom). Enjoy Cruiser #11. I sure did.”

Here is the list of items Plymouth PD sent to Jacob.

American Flag
A “Forever in Our Hearts – Jonny Hackett 2017-2021” Sticker. (To be placed in lower right rear window).
A MC-1 EOW 4-1-2014 Motor Unit Sticker – (To be placed in lower left rear window).
Town of Plymouth Snow Globe
2023 MCOP Police Union Calendar
“Dunkie Junkie” Sticker
Plymouth Salt Water Taffy
Plymouth Shot Glass
Bug Light Replica
Plymouth Police Motorcycle Helmet
A Pocket Constitution of the United States
“Slightly used” Plymouth Police coffee mugs
An “Entering Plymouth” sign
A Street Crimes Jersey w/patch
A Law Enforcement Memorial Patch
A Plymouth Police “Fight Breast Cancer T Shirt”
A “No Shave November Patch” – Our Favorite Month…
A Plymouth Rock Replica
A MCOP Union Sticker
Plymouth Police 4th of July Patch Sticker
A Ride in the Bearcat Sticker
A Thin Blue Line Great White Shark
Multiple Greg Maloney Stickers
A Patrolman Challenge Coin donated by Patrolman Connor Flynn.
Multiple Massachusetts Police Association Stickers
A “Miranda Warning and Field View Witness Instructions” card
Multiple Plymouth Police Patches
A Detective Challenge Coin donated by Lieutenant Detective Michael Glowka
A Plymouth Police Covid-19 mask…also slightly used.
A hand-held radar gun (Tell me he wont love this…)
An Accreditation Pin
Plymouth Police Knapsack
A Plymouth Police “We need to talk to you Doorknocker.”
Special Weapons and Naloxone Sign Out Sheets
Certificate of Court Attendance
Motor Vehicle Accident “Three Way Forms”
Cruiser Repair tickets
Cruiser Check Sheets
A quick reference book for motor vehicle offenses.
Ice Cream Tickets from some of our favorite supporters, Ziggys, Pebbles, Cupcake Charlies, Kilwins, and Gellars

The Plymouth Police Department noted that this is a one-time deal for those that had thoughts of getting all of this swag.

Good job to all involved in creating a great experience for someone across the pond!

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