Local woman looking to locate man who helped her after crash on Route 495



Photo courtesy of Katie Sevigny

A local woman is looking for the public’s help to locate a man that was there for her during her time of need.

Katie Sevigny was in a highway crash this past weekend and reached out on social media.

“Just wanted to thank the guys who helped me out when I hydroplaned and crashed on Sunday (morning). One guy gave me his umbrella. If he’s in here or anyone knows someone who pulled over on 495 Northbound near Middleboro, I wanted to acknowledge that. I’ll be forever grateful.”

Sevigny also wanted to warn drivers concerning the area where she crashed.

“The puddle (small pond) that I hit is apparently where everyone crashes when it rains according to the cops and paramedics. So maybe that should get fixed, in the meantime watch out for it.”

Sevigny stated that she is resting and slowly feeling better after being injured in the collision.

If you have any information on who came to Katie’s aid, contact Fall River Reporter.

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  1. Voice Ofreason

    January 31, 2024 at 1:40 pm

    You should slow down when the roads are wet. It’s your own fault not the road or conditions. For every one person that crashes there there are thousands that make it through no problem because they are aware of the conditions and slow down.

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