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Local registered sex offender arrested after allegedly committing lewd act in library



A local registered sex offender has been arrested after a troubling incident.

Police Special Victims Unit Detectives were tasked with following up on credible information that was received regarding 37-year-old Kyle Bento entering the Cranston Public Library and utilizing the bank of accessible public computers on a regular basis.

According to Cranston Police, it was learned that Bento was utilizing the computer to view young female images and videos. One of the videos he was alleged to have viewed was that of a young underaged female committing a lewd act on a cucumber.

On Wednesday, plain clothes detectives were investigating Bento when they located him in the Cranston Public Library – Main Branch, located at 140 Sockanosset Cross Road. Unbeknownst to Bento, two detectives were monitoring him as he used the public computer. He was wearing a set of headphones and began viewing two young females in a video partially clothed wearing bikinis. As the two detectives were monitoring him, he pulled out a small tube of lotion and squeezed some onto his hand and then put one hand in his pants under the desk, which was visible and began manipulating himself by masturbating.

Detectives video recorded Bento in the act and was arrested on the spot while a female patron was using a computer next to him. Bento stated to the detectives that “he would never do this again and that he would never come back here”.

Bento was brought to Cranston Police Headquarters where he was later arraigned in 3rd District Court on one count of Indecent Exposure/Disorderly Conduct and held as a violator pending a status hearing on October 6th.

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