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Local group rewarding people with gift cards for random acts of kindness



A local group wants to hear about and celebrate kind acts that are happening in and around Tiverton, RI.

Kindness Matters: Tiverton, RI Community project states that the “kind acts” can be big or small.

“They can be that a neighbor helped shovel another neighbor’s driveway, maybe someone paid for your coffee or someone dropped off a meal for you when you needed it. They could also be big things too! However, the point is that ALL acts of kindness, big or small, are important in life as they have a ripple effect. Anyone that experiences or just sees the kind act can be positively affected, including the person doing the kind act. We want to expand that positive ripple!”

​The kind acts could also possibly be lucrative as both winners and submitters are randomly selected to receive a $50 gift card due to a generous donor.

“Dine-in restaurants have been one of the industries hit hard by the pandemic. Therefore, we want to support the local restaurants in Tiverton, RI by listing them on our website and purchasing a gift card to some as prizes.”

According to Maureen Umehara who is behind the group, here is how it all works.

During several 2-week periods people are asked to nominate someone who lives in or around Tiverton who did something kind in 2020 or 2021. Each letter will be posted on the group’s website for others to enjoy reading.

They then randomly pick a name from the list of people nominated and will mail them a gift card to a dine-in restaurant in Tiverton, RI that is also randomly picked.

Nominating someone is also a kind act! So, at the end of the sweepstakes, they will pick one submitter to randomly receive a gift card as well.

Umehara states that they won’t turn anyone away

“We won’t turn anyone away regarding location as we are happy to hear about all kind acts! But it would be helpful for them if they are able to travel to a Tiverton restaurant if they win a gift card.”

​The project will continue until 4/3/21.

To nominate someone and read the kind acts already submitted, click here.

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